Special Clan events

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McGregor Tartan.gif
2019 EMT SYD R McGregor 2
The Sydney Edinburgh Military Tattoo October 2019


The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2019 was held in Sydney’s ANZ Stadium in Sydney Olympic Park – and what a magnificent performance it was!  Over 1,200 talented performers from across the globe (including a heavy pacific region contingent) gave their absolute best in a fantastic setting.


For the first time, the organisers arranged for a representative group of clansmen and clanswomen, accompanied by their own pipeband, to march in at the beginning of the Tattoo to facilitate the opening of the ceremonies.


To this end, the Clan MacGregor fielded a very impressive 50+ members of the 300-odd total clans people who walked in (thanks to Frank McGregor, CGS Overseas Representative for ANZ, for all his hard work arranging this).  No less than three Clan Chiefs were present to greet the Governor General.  Our own ANZ Clan Gregor piper Richard McGregor was the official Clan Piper of the evening (see photo above).


Overall, an amazing experience was had by all walking through the ‘gates’ of Edinburgh Castle to start off the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2019!

Clan Gregor Gathering 2018


The 2018 Clan Gregor Gathering in Scotland was attended by over 120 MacGregors, and saw robust representation from Southeast US, Pacific Northwest US, Canada, Australasia, Germany, and Britain, as well as individuals from around the world.


As the coaches returned to the hotel each evening there was plenty of tartan flashing, glasses clinking, new friendships being made, and talk of the day’s tour.  But most obvious was that here were clansmen and clanswomen from every part of the world representing their fellow members back home, who had all gathered for a most enjoyable event.


Said Wayne Parker, Chairman of CGSCC: ‘In our Clan Gregor Society, it’s more than just wearing the kilt or sporting some MacGregor tartan.  We believe in and count on strong participation.  Membership has its privileges, not the least of which is doing one’s part in keeping the flame of MacGregor alive and moving forward’.

CGS McGregor Gathering SCOTLAND 5

It takes real planning to create this kind of chaos...

Mel Odem

International Clan Gathering and
Bi-centennial 2024

Tour One: The Highland Tour 

We regret to announce that the main Highland Tour, proposed for 2022, has been postponed until 2024 due to the uncertainty about COVID19 and it's effects on air fares, the hotel and tourist industry.  The Society is unable to provide estimated costs for 2024 at present, but the program will be fantastic and we will continue to strive for best value for money, as ever. 

We have given members the option of a refund of their deposit or keeping it in the tour fund for an additional 12 months.  We are pleased to report that 99% of members wish their deposits retained. 

Tour Two: Edinburgh and the Scott Country 

We have taken the decision to postpone the Edinburgh Tour 2 being run by Keith MacGregor and Richard McGregor until 2023. This is for two reasons - the continue prevalence of COVID being one, but the other is that the Society has been awarded a grant to raise and conserve the Dalmally Stones which will now be done this summer and which we need to oversee (more about this in due course).  This does mean that visiting Dalmally next year will have the advantage of participants being able to view the newly conserved stones!  As always we will keep those who have said they wish to attend informed by email. Any general questions and any updating of email addresses please to info@clangregor.com, otherwise for the Tours:



For enquiries about the Highland Tour please contact Ross on ross655@btinternet.com

For enquiries about the Edinburgh & Scott Country Tour please contact Keith on kmac1@optonline.net

Special Clan Events 2020 to 2022

Edinburgh Military Tattoo

2023 Clan Gregor Gathering Scotland

Highland Gatherings

Something else amazing...

McGregor Tartan.gif
McGregor Tartan.gif
Kindly note that most Clan events have been placed on hold due to COVID19.  During the present Covid pandemic travel and mixing has been, and continues to be, severely restricted.  This has meant that most events which have been planned - including the 2022 International Gathering - have been put on hold for the time being.  The Society is monitoring the situation and will communicate with members through the website, social media and emails when the situation changes. Chapters and other local groups will also keep their Members informed.

We endeavour to keep our information up-to-date... so please keep checking in regularly.