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Special Clan events

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International Clan Gathering and
Bi-centennial 2024

Tour One: The Highland Tour 

We've booked the Loch Awe Hotel near Dalmally for the period 14th - 21st July 2024 and will provide our usual, sensational tours and events... including a banquet hosted by our chief, Sir Malcolm, on Friday the 19th, and the Lochearnhead Highland Games/farewell ceilidh on Saturday the 20th.


The event is priced at £1,250 (GBP) per person for eight days (Sunday to Sunday) with a £50 discount for those rooms that do not have a view of the Loch. The price includes transport to and from Edinburgh or Glasgow airports, bed & breakfast and evening meal, a formal Society dinner/banquet in the Crieff Hydro hotel, entertainment, coach tours and virtually all admission fees. The tour will feature our new Dalmally Stones display in Glenorchy Kirk, and the locations visited will include Inveraray Castle, Castle Menzies and Kilmartin Glen. We will also have a trip to Mallaig on the Jacobite steam train ( passing over the Glenfinnan viaduct for Harry Potter fans) as well as a cruise on Loch Katrine in the heart of Rob Roy country.


Overseas members simply have to get themselves to Edinburgh or Glasgow airports and ensure they have adequate travel insurance and a phone plan to cover areas where there may be no WIFI. Only lunches and personal spending money will be extra.


If members have any questions about the Highland Tour, please contact Ross at

Tour Two: Stirling and Surrounds Historic Tour - 21st-28th July 2024 

Greetings!  Whether you’ve been to Scotland before or not, a number of historic venues which were influential is shaping the history and character of the nation which should not be missed! Our Clan Gregor members have expressed an interest in a coach tour which maximizes visits to these sites by basing the tour in Stirling, geographically based in the center of the country and offering easy access to a number of noteworthy destinations. 


Known as the Gateway to the Highlands, Stirling boasts a royal castle built and occupied by the Stewart kings.  Its colorful history also includes the Wallace Monument (built 1898), overlooking the actual site of William Wallace’s famous victory in the Battle of Stirling Bridge as depicted in Braveheart.  Scotland’s War for Independence culminated a few years later at nearby Bannockburn Battlefield where Robert Bruce defeated the forces of Edward II of England in 1314, the result being four centuries of independence for Scotland freedom. The on-site Bannockburn Battle Experience immerses visitors in the medieval warfare experience using state-of-the-art technology. Not too be missed!


Where do we start?

Richard McGregor, CGS Chairman and Keith MacGregor, North American Representative will act as your tour guides.  We have arranged to stay at the Stirling Highland Hotel, which will allow daily coach trips to a number of attractive and historic locations. Following a day in Stirling we will visit Edinburgh Castle an impregnable fortress and military barracks which the MacGregors attempted to take during the ’45, having breached the West Gate for Bonnie Prince Charlie but finding their ropes too short for scaling the castle walls.  Nearby we find St Giles Cathedral, with its shadowed history of John Knox and the 1560 Reformation in Scotland, a memorial to Scottish heroes, and, depending on your point of view, even a few villains.

Most significantly for the MacGregors, here is the Heart of Midlothian where the old Tolbooth prison hosted the execution of Alasdair MacGregor and eleven leading MacGregor figures following the Rout of Glen Fruin. For those of you who may know, the clan offered a stunning display of its warlike nature by routing the Colquhouns as well as 200 armored cavalry from Dumbarton in a lopsided victory on 7 Feb,1603, only to become the victims of a misguided James VI whose questionable decree is the only genocide ever recorded by a Scottish king - condemning all of the name MacGregor to “the pain of deid”. The Proscription lasted some 170 years and contributed greatly to our reputation and our tenacity.  It is also the reason so many of our members today bear a surname other than, but still related to, MacGregor – all tied to Glen Fruin.


It was Sir Walter Scott who wrote The Heart of Midlothian to be found within the brick outline embedded in the pavement in front of St Giles. On our visit to Abbotsford, the baronial manor he built with the proceeds from his novel Rob Roy, we’ll see the desk where Sir Walter penned many of his famously popular works as well as Rob Roy’s actual sword, crafted by the famous swordsmith Andrea Ferrara.


From there its time for the DaVinci Code - aka Rosslyn Chapel - built by the Sinclairs, Templar Grand Masters in the 15th century. Some say it once housed the famous Templar treasure amassed by them during the Crusades. Of course, we’ll go down into the crypt as Tom Hanks did in the movie, where you can decide whether that treasure – or the Virgin Mary – lies hidden there.

And back to Edinburgh...

On Day 5, we’ll begin the day by exploring Edinburgh’s Royal  Mile, savoring the street culture of the Fringe, an avant-guard festival of sorts which takes place each summer, with a bit of time for shopping. You’ll see John Knox’s house and the Palace of Holyrood as well as the new, impressive Scottish Parliament building along the way. Speaking of impressive, during the afternoon we’ll visit the world-famous Kelpies, an astounding (as well as massive) metal sculpture which won the European prize in 2016.  If you don’t know what a Kelpie is, read a bit of Scottish and Viking seafaring mythology.


Day 6 brings an interesting mix of visits beginning with the Killecrankie museum and a key Jacobite victory in 1689. There are several accounts of the battle which claim that Rob Roy, son of Lt. Colonel Donald Glas (Grey) MacGregor, was present at the battle – his age barely 17. Other tales claim this battle as the birth of the Highland Charge which demolished the Redcoat army. Further up the road we come to Blair castle, ancestral home of the Murrays, Anglo-Norman nobles who our chiefs marry at various times over various centuries. However, in the early 18th century, Rob was captured and imprisoned here until he convinced his jailor to procure a bottle of whisky, following which Rob let himself out of the cell and was off! Another tale of our hero!


On our way back to Stirling we’ll visit the lovely village of Pitlochry, considered to be the wool capitol of the Highlands. On summer evenings the village puts on “Pitlochry Evenings”, a small nightly festival with food, entertainment, and of course fine woolen goods for sale! A serendipitous event!


Our final day will be spent touring the “Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond’, famed in beauty and song. On its NE side lies the estate of Craigroyston, a vast mountainous area belonging at one time to Rob Roy MacGregor.  We have a grand tale to tell about that in relation to our plans for 2025, but more to follow when we’re there.


Finally, for what is certainly one of the most important moments in MacGregor history, we will make our way to the battle site of Glen Fruin.  Here we’ll present a complete picture of what actually happened - the famous victory which established us as a superior fighting clan, as well as the tragic consequences which followed

when King James VI, about to head off to London to rule the two kingdoms, issued the ONLY genocidal order ever produced by a Scottish king – against us in 1604!



The Stirling Tour will be based at The Stirling Highland Hotel. The cost for the week of 21 - 28 July, 2024 is 1850 GBP per person, which we hope you'll compare to the prices other travel agents and tourism companies are charging. Please note that airfares are not included.

If you are sincerely interested in joining us for this one-of-a-kind weeklong event, we’d be happy to hear from you.  Remember it is for Clan Gregor Society members only and presents a level of knowledge of our MacGregor history not available anywhere else.  


Tell us your age range – 21-35, 36-50, 60-75 and so on. Who in your party would be attending, including names, addresses, emails, and yes, cell phone numbers.  We don’t want to lose anyone!

One more suggestion – if you are attending Tour 2 we recommend booking your flight through Edinburgh airport as it provides easier access than Glasgow when returning home.  Costs for flying to either airport are about the same.


Once again thanks for your interest in the Clan Gregor Society of Scotland!

Keith MacGregor

North American Representative/CGS

McGregor Tartan.gif
McGregor Tartan.gif

Sunday, 21 July        Arrival/Tour Stirling Castle


Monday 22 July        Wallace Monument/Bannockburn Battlefield


Tuesday 23 July       Edinburgh Castle/St Giles Cathedral


Wednesday 24 July  Rosslyn Chapel/Abbotsford/Sir Walter Scott


Thursday 25 July      Edinburgh Royal Mile, Kelpies


Friday 26th July         Blair Castle/Killiecrankie/Pitlochry


Saturday 27 July       Loch Lomond/Craigroystan/Glen Fruin


Sunday 28th July       Departure coach-Edinburgh &Glasgow Airports


If anyone is interested in staying a few extra days, the famous International Edinburgh Tattoo begins evening performances on August 2 and runs through the end of the month.  Tickets are between about $68 and $200 and must be booked months in advance.  Visitors would be responsible for finding their own lodgings in the interim.


If you are interested in attending let us know and we will help you with the bookings.

It takes real planning to create this kind of chaos...
Mel Odem

2019 EMT SYD R McGregor 2
The Sydney Edinburgh Military Tattoo October 2019


The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2019 was held in Sydney’s ANZ Stadium in Sydney Olympic Park – and what a magnificent performance it was!  Over 1,200 talented performers from across the globe (including a heavy pacific region contingent) gave their absolute best in a fantastic setting.


For the first time, the organisers arranged for a representative group of clansmen and clanswomen, accompanied by their own pipeband, to march in at the beginning of the Tattoo to facilitate the opening of the ceremonies.


To this end, the Clan MacGregor fielded a very impressive 50+ members of the 300-odd total clans people who walked in (thanks to Frank McGregor, CGS Overseas Representative for ANZ, for all his hard work arranging this).  No less than three Clan Chiefs were present to greet the Governor General.  Our own ANZ Clan Gregor piper Richard McGregor was the official Clan Piper of the evening (see photo above).


Overall, an amazing experience was had by all walking through the ‘gates’ of Edinburgh Castle to start off the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2019!

Clan Gregor Gathering 2018


The 2018 Clan Gregor Gathering in Scotland was attended by over 120 MacGregors, and saw robust representation from Southeast US, Pacific Northwest US, Canada, Australasia, Germany, and Britain, as well as individuals from around the world.


As the coaches returned to the hotel each evening there was plenty of tartan flashing, glasses clinking, new friendships being made, and talk of the day’s tour.  But most obvious was that here were clansmen and clanswomen from every part of the world representing their fellow members back home, who had all gathered for a most enjoyable event.


Said Wayne Parker, Chairman of CGSCC: ‘In our Clan Gregor Society, it’s more than just wearing the kilt or sporting some MacGregor tartan.  We believe in and count on strong participation.  Membership has its privileges, not the least of which is doing one’s part in keeping the flame of MacGregor alive and moving forward’.

CGS McGregor Gathering SCOTLAND 5
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McGregor Tartan.gif
Special Clan Events 2020 to 2024

Online virtual gathering 10th December 2022

2024 Clan Gregor Gathering Scotland

Highland Gatherings

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