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Clan events

Stop worrying about the world ending today.  It's already tomorrow in Australia...

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What sort of events - and where - does Clan Gregor attend?


The Society runs various projects which members can be involved in and has a Gathering weekend every year, normally in July, during which there are visits to places of interest, Highland Games and a fantastic Banquet.


Every four years approximately there is a more extensive International Gathering which draws members to Scotland from all over the world - these Gatherings include visits to MacGregor sites and other historic venues, social evenings, talks and demonstrations, musical evenings and many other events.

When we get together, there is a true sense of community... of shared belonging...


The purpose of the Clan Gregor Society is to create a sense of community, a feeling of belonging within a collective family background and historical context.   


We strive to create events and encourage relationships that promote the impression that we all matter to each other and to our clan as a whole.  


Regardless of where you live, the Society provides you with an opportunity to connect (digitally or otherwise) with people like you with an interest in Scotland, Scottish clans, family trees, historical events and clan events.  We would love to welcome you into our community!

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BuildCorp Rugby Lunch 2017 Piping in the
Upcoming Clan Events

Online virtual Clan Gathering December 10th 2022


2024 Clan Gregor Gathering Scotland

Highland Games around the world

Something else amazing...

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Come along and get involved!

We'd love to meet you... and there's bound to be a Clan Gregor member somewhere near you.

BLOG Glenshiel 8 June 2019 Sir Malcolm l
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Tel: +44 07930 934 824 


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