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Welcome to your extended family!


We are an international group of friendly people with an interest and passion around our family history and community... specifically around the Scottish clan 'Gregor'.  

Regardless of your motivation, the official Clan Gregor Society offers you a wide and enjoyable range of ways of getting involved, of discovering your MacGregor connections, attending events or connecting with other members regardless of where you may live.  With clan members spread all round the world this is the place to meet together, share history and find others who are your kinsfolk.

If you have any connection to the Clan Gregor we would love to welcome you into our Society's community.  You do not have to be called MacGregor (however spelt) to be a member of Clan Gregor (and to join the Society).  Because of the clan’s unique and turbulent history there are many surnames associated with the clan.

Enjoy searching and if you need more information why not join the Society and benefit from our website's dedicated Members Only section.

"I may not live in Scotland

but Scotland lives in me..."

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Meet the Clan

The Clan Gregor Society was founded in 1822 making it the third oldest clan society in Great Britain. It is also a registered charity.


Today, the Society is a growing and dynamic international organisation with over 900 members worldwide. We actively seek to extend the links of kinship and friendship between MacGregors - wherever they may be - and to provide a focal point for all members of the Clan and any interested visitors who wish to learn more of our noble past.  


Our patron is Sir Malcolm MacGregor of MacGregor, 7th Baronet of Lanrick and Balquhidder, the 24th Chief of Clan Gregor.  You will find a personal welcome from him on our website.

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Find out about research into the MacGregor Clan here...


Are you interested in your connections with the Clan Gregor?  The Clan Gregor Society has extensive resources available to members to facilitate their research into their family history.

We also conduct research into Clan Gregor history and connections using DNA testing, perform archaeology digs and help members where possible piece together their family lineage. 

Click below for more information!

Clan Gregor Society members attending the 2017 Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

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What's happening near you?


Check out the Clan Events tab to find out where Clan activities are happening.  We'd love to meet you!

Kindly note that most Clan events have been placed on hold due to COVID19.  During the present Covid pandemic travel and mixing has been, and continues to be, severely restricted.  This has meant that most events which have been planned - including the 2022 International Gathering - have been put on hold for the time being.  The Society is monitoring the situation and will communicate with members through the website, social media and emails when the situation changes. Chapters and other local groups will also keep their Members informed.

We endeavour to keep our information up-to-date... so please keep checking in regularly.

A quick reminder regarding members fees...


Kindly note that 2022 subscriptions were due on 1st January unless you have a five year membership or have joined since 1st September 2021.

Members are reminded that the subscriptions for 2022 have increased to:


  • Individual - £20.00 per annum

  • Family - £40.00 per annum

  • For each membership type, we promote the Society's offer of five years membership for the price of four.


Members who are UK tax payers are requested to consider completing a Gift Aid Declaration (which may be obtained from the Membership Convener) which will allow the Society to reclaim tax.  Thank you!