Travel Thursday – Q&A

Travel Thursday: plugins Q&AGoing to the Gathering in July?

Here’s a few questions with answers (Q&A) that travellers have come up with. if you don’t see yours here, click HERE to send us a note and we’ll post it in the next Q&A installment.

Q. Do I need a power converter and a plug adapter when I travel to Scotland (or elsewhere)?

A. Not necessarily. Today, most modern small appliances (shavers, curling irons, etc.) do not need a power converter for voltage plus a plug adapter. To check to see if your items are rated for both US and EU use, look on your equipment for a label that says 100 or 110V-240V, 50-60Hertz. If it does, it means it doesn’t need a power adapter, just a plug adapter.


Q. I want to stay connected with [my family, my friends, my accommodations, etc.]. Will my phone work in Scotland?

A. The answer is “maybe!” Here’s a link to an article on using cell phones while travelling.

What other questions do you have? Send them in!


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