Society member honoured as Chieftain of the Games

By Lois Ann Garlitz

MacGregors ready to march in the noon parade.

MacGregors getting ready to march in the Parade of Clans.

I enjoyed a lovely weekend at Utah Scottish Festival and Highland Games at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah on June 12th and 13th 2015 as their Chieftain of the Games. As an additional honour, I was asked by the Chief of Clan Gregor, Sir Malcolm MacGregor, to fly his Pinsel flag as his personal representative in the United States.

What’s a Pinsel?

In heraldry, a Pinsel is small triangular flag granted only to Chiefs or very special chieftain-barons by the Lord Lyon King of Arms in Scotland. It’s used to denote a person to whom the Chief has delegated authority to act in his behalf on a particular occasion. The MacGregor Pinsel was presented to the American Clan Gregor Society decades ago by Sir Malcolm’s father, Sir Gregor MacGregor. You can see this special Pinsel flag in the photo below.

Lois Ann Garlitz with Steven Argyle

Lois Ann Garlitz with Steven Argyle holding the Pinsel.

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