Callander Parish Baptisms

The Callander Parish Baptism records provided here have been collected by Dr. Richard McGregor. Please remember to check the original records in the parishes as the handwriting of the day is hard to interpret and there may be an error here and there.

  • Where there is no surname M(a)cGregor is to be understood.
  • Baptisms are laid out:
    • father/mother child place [day and month were inserted by Dr. McGregor], witnesses [if present], any other comments
    • f = conceived in ‘fornication’
    • nat = ‘natural’ child, i.e. also born out-of-wedlock [Some ministers liked to rub noses in it and use ‘fornication’ others were more subtle and used ‘natural’ child.]

Note: many early names are McGrigar

Callander Parish Baptisms


John/Agnes Mitchell James Easter and Over Breaklan

John Steuart alias McGregor/Janet Ferguson Alexander Leir

Alexander Drummond/Elizabeth McGregor Catharine Kirktown

[Charles Buchanan/JanetMcGregor Archibald]
John McComash/Anne Ferguson Alexander Duart
?John Stewart/Elizabeth McLaran Elizabeth Easter and Under Bracklan
Donald McComash/Jeab Buchanan Patrick Brae of Mochaster

Grigor Drummond/Elizabeth McGregor John Auchinlaick
?James Steuart/Janet Mciarmin Donald
?John/Jean Buchanan Andrew Milton

John Murray/Janet McGregor
Donald Drummond/Catharine Ferguson John f Tombuscrian [1718?]

Hugh Drummond alias McGregor/Janet Buchanan Alexander f Kilmahog
Alexander Drummond/Elisabeth McGregor Elisabeth Ballanton
Donald McComas/Christian Stewart Patrick Dungraggan
Donald Drummond/Catherine Ferguson child [no details]

Duncan Murray/Catherine McNab Dougall Kilmahog
Donald Buchanan/Carharine Buchanan Donald Kilmahog
John Drummond/Mary McDonald Alexander f born 5 weeks before Lambas
John Drummond alias McGregor/Mary McFarlan James f? [no place]
Alexander Drummond alias McGregor/ChristianMurray alias McGregor John Milton of Strathgartney
John Stewart/Jean Buchanan Alexander Milton of Strathgartney
Thomas McComish/Marrion McKnee Doanld Duncraggan

Donald Murray alias McGregor/Elizabeth Buchanan John Tombea
John Murray/Janet McGregor Mary Ardmachmoon
Hugh Drummond alias McGregor/Janet Buchanan Helen Kilmahog
Donald Drummond alias McGregor/Catharine Ferguson Janet Miltown of Strathgartney
Donald Stewart/Margaret Ferguson Alexander Tombay
Doanld McComash/Christian Stewart Thomas Duncraggan

Donald Murray/Elizabeth Buchanan Gregor Tombay
Duncan Murray alias McGregor/Catharine McNab Catharine Greenock
Donald Drummond/Catharine Ferguson John Tombuscrian
Alexander Drummond/Elisabeth McGregor female child or Catharine Ballanton
Malcolm Drummond/Margaret Drummond Catharine Lurgvean
John Drummond/Jane McFarlan James Tomskrin

John Graham or McGregor/Mary McLiaran Sarah Kilmahog
John Murray alias McGregor/Janet Graham alias McGregor Alexander Ardmakmine
Hew [Hen?] Drummond/Jan Barcla JohnKilmahog
Donald Graham alias McGregor/Mary Murray alias McGregor John [no place]
Donald McComish/Christian Stewart John Duncraggan

Donald Murray/Elizabeth Buchanan Jannet Tombay
James Graham/Agnes Ferguson Donald Brae of Mohaster
Donald Drummond alias McGregor/Katrine Ferguson James Tomnaskrin
Malcolm Drummond alias McGregor/Margaret McGregor John Lurgvuie
Alexander Drummond/Margret McFarlan Margret Tomnaskrin
Malcolm Buchanan/Catherine McKiell Kathrine Murdestown

John Graham alias McGregor/Agnes McLiaran Katherine Kilmahog
Donald Drummond alias McGregor/Cathrine Ferguson Alexander Tomnaskrin
John Drummond/Jannet McFarlan Duncan Tomnaskrin
John Buchanan alias McGregor/Janet Ferguson Robert Balimenoch
Donald McComish/Christian Stewart Mary Duncraggan
John Murray/Jan McGregor Ann Ardmachmuine

Gregor Murray alias McGregor/Agnes Ferguson Duncan Miln of Mochaster
Donald Murray/Elizabeth Buchanan Mary Tombea

John Graham or McGregor/Mary McLaran Mary Kilmahog
Donald Murray alias McGregor/ElizabethBuchanan female child Tombay
Donald Drummond/Catharine Ferguson Donald Tomnaskrian
Malcolm Buchanan/Catherien McKnel Walter Murdestown
Malcolm Drummond/Margaret McGregor Duncan Lurgvuy
Donald McHomish/Christian Stewart Thomas Duncraggan
Thomas McHomish/Marion McNie Thomas Duncraggan

John/Janet Ferguson Alexander Kilmahog
[Gregor or?] John Drummond [or McGregor]/Mary McFarlane Janet Tomnaskrian
John Campbell alias McGregor/Isabel Robertson More [no place]
?Donald Campbell/Janet Wood Isbel Lendrick
?John Campbell/Jean Gurly Duncan Kilmahog

John Buchanan/Margaret Nickgillichallum Donald in the Leire
Alexander Drummond/Elizabeth Graeme Isabell Brea of Bochastell
Donald Drummond alias McGregor/Catherine Ferguson KatherineTombnascrine
Thomas McComash/Marion Nicknie Janet Duncraggan

John Buchanan alias McGregor/Janet Ferguson John Trean
Malcolm Buchanan/Catherine McKeilin Janet Brackelin
Patrick/Agnis MckArthur Janet Brea of Leny
Donald McGregor alias Murray/Elizabeth Buchanan Jannet Tombea
John Drummond alias McGregor/Isobel Barron Mary Coirchrombie
John Drummond alias McGregor/Jannet McFarland Robert Tombnascrine
Donald McComash/Christian Stewart Christian Duncraggan
John Drummond/Helen Chambers Walter Garchonie

Donald Murray alias McGregor/Elizabeth Buchanan Margrie Tombea
John Drummond alias McGregor/Catherine McNaughton Patrick Cernock

Malcolm Drummond alias McGregor/Margaret Drummond alias McGregor Alexander [no place]
Gregor or John Drummond or McGregor/Mary McFarlane Elisabeth [??]
John Drummond/Janet McFarland Elizabeth Braeleny
John Drummond/Helen Chambers George Garwhinnie
Patrick Drummond alias McGregor/Janet McArthur John Bracklain
Donald Drummond/Katharine Ferguson Margaret Brae Leny
Alexander Comrie/Mary McBeth Janet Murdestown

Alexander Drummond/Janet Graham Mary Lurgvuie
?Donald Campbell/Elizabeth Campbell James Mochaster
John Campbell/Isobel Robinson James Corrochcromby

Duncan Murray alias McGregor/Katherine McMichael Dougal Woodend of Leny
John Murray/Janet Grame Donald f Ardmachmuin/Callichra sp:Robt Ferguson Ardmackmuin
Gregor Drummond/Janet McFarlane Katharin Braeleny
Duncan Lyon alias McGregor/Janet Clerk John Milntown
Patrick Stirling alias McGregor/Janet Ferguson Donald Achnakarran

Alexander McComas alias McGregor/Mary McLish Elizabeth Cash [bapt by Episc min]
Alexander Drummond/Janet Grahame John Braeleny
Donald Drummond/Janet Stewart Robert Tombey
Malcolm Drummond alias McGregor/Margaret Drummond alias McGregor Marrian [no place]

John Murray or McGregor/Janet Ferguson Dougal f Ardmachmuin/Ardenknokan sp: Thomas McComas Duncraggan
?James Buchanan/Mary Buchanan Archibald Garwhinny
John Drummond alias Gregor McGregor/Janet McFarlane [Mary?]Katharine Tomnascrin
Duncan Lyon alias McGregor/Janet Clerk Patrick Milntown

Patrick Drummond/Agnes McArthur Donald Wester Brackland
Alexander Drummond/Janet Grahame Duncan [no place]
?John Campbell/Christian McLeran Hugh Bridge of Turk
John Buchanan alias McGregor/Janet Ferguson Elisabeth Garwhinny

John Drummond alias McGregor/Isabel Robertson Grigor Corrochcromby
Duncan Lyon alias McGregor /Janet Clerk Janet Milntown
Patrick Lyon alias McGregor/Barbara Ferguson Isabel + Janet Milntown

Patrick Drummond/Margaret Campbell James Wester Brackland
Patrick Drummond alias McGregor /Anne McArthur James Lurgvuy
John Drummond alias Gregor McGregor/Janet McFarlane John Braeleny

?Alexander Buchanan/Christian Clarke Donald
Alexander Drummond/Janet Grahame Janet Lurg
Duncan Murray alias McGregor/Elizabeth Buchan Malcom Leny
Archibald Grahame/Annabel Fisher Robert Ballimenoch
Duncan Lyon alias McGregor /Janet Clarke Catherine Milntown
Patrick Lyon /Barbara Ferguson Margaret Milntown
Alexander McComas/Mary McLish |Anne Cosh
?Donald Campbell/Elizabeth Campbell Elisabeth Bochastle
?John Campbell/Elizabeth McLeran Janet Corrochcromby

Gregor/JanetMcFarlane Alexander Tomnaserun
John/Isabel Robinson Duncan Corrochcromby
Patrick/Agnes McArthur Janet Lurg
?Robert Buchanan/Mary Buchanan Archibald [?Ballimenoch]
?Donald Campbell/Christian Wright James Aney

Alexander Buchanan alias McGregor/Catharine Stewart Patrick Damhead of Leny
John Graham/Jean Stewart Mary Glenfinglas [bapt by Episc min]
John Campbell/Elizabeth McLeran Christian Corrochchrombie

?Alexander Stewart/Janet Stewart James Achnahaird
Alexander Drummond alias McGregor /Christian Cameron Grigor Cullintogle
Patrick Drummond alias McGregor /Anne McArthur Patrick Cullintogle
Patrick/Barbara Ferguson Janet Milntown
John McComas/Mary Murray alias McGregor Malcolm Bridge of Turk
?John Campbell/Mary McLeran Collen Dreppan
Alexander McComas/Mary McInlay Anne Cosh

Dougal/Elizabeth Fergusson Catharine Milntown
Patrick/Catherine Fergusson Janet Wester Bridge of Turk
?Alexander Buchanan/Jean Stewart Donald Kilmahogue
Duke of Perth [sic]/Elizabeth Buchanan William Murdestown f sponsor: Duncan McAlpine [sic]
Patrick Lyon alias McGregor/Barbara Ferguson Mary Milntown
?John Campbell/Christian McLeran Patrick Dreppan
?Alexander Stewart/Jean Stewart Janet Cullintogle
Alexander McComas/Mary Mcinlay John Milntown

John McComas/Mary McGregor Janet Bridge of Turk
?Alexander Stewart/Jean Stewart Alexander Cullintogle
Alexander McComas/Mary McLeran John Milntown
Alexander Buchanan alias McGregor/Catherine Stewart Agnes Kirktown
John Grahame/Jean Buchanan [his lady] Robert of Glenguil [bapt by Episc min]
Duncan McAlpine/Elizabeth Buchanan John Murdestown
Robert Buchanan alias McGregor/Janet Mcinlay Alexander Aney
?John Campbell/Janet Morison Donald Corrochrombie
?James Stewart/Elizabeth McLachlan Margaret Gart

Duncan Murray alias McGregor/Elisabeth Buchan Janet Damside of Leny
Patrick Drummond alias McGregor/Anne McArthur Anne Kirktown of Callander
Alexander Drummond/Christian McIarman Archibald Cuilintogle
Patrick Drummond alias McGregor/Katharine Ferguson Mary Bridge of Turk
John McComas/Mary Miller Patrick Duncraggan
Dugal Lyon alias McGregor/Elizabeth Ferguson Margaret Milntown
Donald McComas/Janet Ferguson Catherine Bridge of Turk

?Alexander Stewart/Mary McFarlane Charles f Cullintogle/Wooldend of Lenny
Hugh/Margaret Fergusson Donald Kilmahogue
Patrick/Barbara Fergusson Duncan Milntown
?John Campbell/Christian McLeran John Drippan
Alexander McComas/Mary McLeran Donald Milntown
Alexander Stewart/Janet Stewart Donald Cullintogle

?Alexander Stewart/Jean Stewart Donald Cuilintogle
Patrick Cottar alias McGregor/Catharine Ferguson Catharine Blairgarrie
Grigor/Margaret Patrick Kennock
John Grahame/Jean Buchanan [his lady] Dorothy Glenguile [bapt by Episc min]
John Graham/Catherine McCruar Janet Brackland
Dougal Lyon alias McGregor/Elizabeth Ferguson Janet Milntown
Alexander Stewart alias McGregor/Anna Ferguson Janet Blairgarrie
?Alexander Stewart/Janet Stewart Janet Dowart

Duncan Murray alias McGregor/Elizabeth Buchan Patrick Kilmahog
?Donald Buchanan/Margaret Buchanan Donald Damhead of Lenny
Alexander Drummond/Christian McNiermid Janet Cullintogle
Patrick Drummond alias McGregor/Anne McArthur Patrick Kirktown
John Drummond alias McGregor/Janet Drummond alias McGregor Patrick Achnahaird [bapt by Episc min]
Alexander McComas/Mary McLeran Archibald Bridge of Turk [bapt by Episc min]

Dugal/Elizabeth Fergusson Isobel Milntown
?Alexander Stewart/Janet Stewart Duncan Achnahaird [bapt by Episc min]
?Alexander/Janet Stewart John Blairgarry
Alexander Stewart alias McGregor [sic]/Janet Stewart Patrick Blairgarry
Patrick Murray/Catharine Ferguson female 1child Cullintogle
James Murray alias Gregor McGregor/Margaret Stewart alias Drummond in Kernoch John
?John Buchanan/Janet Stewart Donald Tombea
John Grahame/Jean Buchanan Donald of Glenguile [bapt by Episc min]?
John Grahame alias McGregor/Catharine McCruar John Wester Brackland
John McComas/Mary Miller Christian Duncraggan

Patrick Buchanan/Isabel Stewart Robert Milntown
Patrick/Barbara Fergusson Alexander Kirktown
Duncan Murray alias McGregor/Elizabeth Buchan John Damside of Leny

Grigor/Margaret Donald Drippan
Dugal/Elizabeth Ferguson Mary Milntown
?George Drummond/Janet McArthur James Clash
John McComas/Mary Miller John Duncraggan
Donald McComas/Janet Feguson Malcolm Bridge of Turk [bapt by Episc min]
?Donald McLeran/Mary McLeran [I say McKinlay -(sic)] John Miln of Leny

Alexander Stewart alias McGregor/Janet Stewart Margaret Cullintogle
Patrick/Catherine Ferguson Alexander Cullintogle
Alexander McGregor or Drummond/Christian Mciarmed Christian Cullintogle
Alexander/Christian McNab Janet f Kirktown
Donald McLeran [I say McGregor (sic)]/Mary McLeran Patrick Blairgarrie
John Graham alias McGregor/Catherine McGregor Agnes Brackland
John McComas/Mary Miller Donald Duncraggan

Patrick/Barbara Ferguson Patrick Milntown
Donald/Mary McLeran Duncan Cullintogle (m Janet King – Upper Anie)
Gregor Murray/Margaret McGregor Catherine Dreppan
Duncan Murray alias McGregor/Elizabeth Buchanan John [ ?? ]
Donald McComas/Janet Ferguson John Duncraggan
John Murray or McGregor/Elizabeth McQueen Patrick Tamdown
?Duncan Buchanan/Jean McNab Archibald Woodend of Leny
Grigor Drummond/Margaret Drummond Alexander Cuilt
?George Drummond/Janet McArthur Robert Maines
John Graham of Glengyle/Jean Buchanan in Glenguile Jean

Patrick Buchanan [?McGregor]/Isabell Stewart Duncan [John scored out][registered 1774?]
Alexander/Janet Stewart Alexander Blairgarrie
?George Drummond/Janet McArthur George Maines
Alexander McComas/Mary McLeran Mary Bridge of Turk
John McComas/Mary Miller Catharine Duncraggan
?Gregor Grant/Honey? Buchanan Patrick Lagearnock

Grigor/Margaret Coll Drippan
John Graham alias McGregor/Catherine McCruar Donald Balvickclachlin
Patrick Drummond/Catharine McKinnens Catharine Kilmahog
?Grigor Grant/Honey? Buchanan Janet Kirktown
John McComas/Mary Miller Finlay Duncraggan
Donald McComas/Janet Ferguson William Duncraggan

Patrick/Barbara Ferguson Alexander Milntown
Donald/Mary McLeran Janet Milntown
Duncan/Janet McIntyre John Dammside of Leny
Grigor/Marjory John Lenny
John/Anne Wood Patrick (of Cullintogle m Margt Strang) Kirktown
George Drummond/Janet McArthur Patrick Maines
Alexander McHomas/Mary McLaren Margaret Easter Bridge of Turk
John McComas/Mary Murray Donald Bridge of Turk
Patrick Buchanan/Isobel Stewart John Milntown

Patrick/Anne Fergusson John Milntown
John/Anne Wood Margaret Kirktown
John McOmas/Mary Miller Janet Duncraggan

Duncan/Janet Wright Alexander Damside of Leny
Donald/Mary McLeran John Cullintogle
John/Sarah Sarah Ardmackmoyan
William Stirling/Janet McCallum Mary Bridge of Turk

John Drummond/Janet McGregor Margaret [I say Donald (sic)] Kirktown
Patrick/Catherine Ferguson Christian Easter Bridge of Turk
Patrick Buchanan/Isobel Stewart Janet Milntown

John/Anne Wood Anne Kirktown
Patrick/Agnes Fergusson Donald Cullintogle
Donald/Mary McLeran Margaret Cullintogle
John McAlpine/Marian Ferguson Janet Kilmahog
John McComas/Mary Miller Mary Duncraggan
William Stirling/Janet McCallum Margaret Bridge of Turk

Alexander/Mary McDonald Patrick Lurg
Duncan/Janet Wright Margaret Kilmahog
Alexander/Janet Stewart Mary Blairgarry
?John Buchanan/Margaret Buchanan Donald Taindown
Donald McComas/Janet Ferguson Donald Duncraggan
Patrick Buchanan/Isobel Stewart Jean Milntown

Patrick/Marrian Patrick + Duncan Milntown
Patrick/Agnes Fergusson Duncan Cuilintogle
Donald/Mary McLaren John Milntown

Patrick Buchanan/Isobel Stewart James Milntown
Alexander/Mary McDonald Elizabeth Kilmahog
James/Jean Campbell John Tombea
?Donald Buchanan/Mary Buchanan Donald Cuilt
John Drummond/Anne Wood James Culintogle

Donald/Jean Graham Patrick Bridge of Turk
Patrick/Catherine Ferguson Eliza Gridge of Turk
Patrick/Margaret Fergusson Janet Easter Bracklane
Alexander Murray/Betty Drummond John Ardmachmuine
?James Buchanan/Marrian King Donald Cuilintoggle
?Mr Robert Graham/Ann Campbell Robert Letter
John Drummond/Anne Wood James Cuilantogil
?Alexander Drummond/Barbara Drummond John Damhead of Leny
?Donald Buchanan/Mary Buchanan Catherine Taynaha-Kilmahog

Duncan/Sara Catherine Ardmachmuine
Patrick/Isobel McLeish Margaret [no detail]

Alexander/Mary McDonald Katharine Kilmahog
Donald/Mary McLaren Daniel Miltown
James/Jean Campbell Gregor Tombea
Patrick/Isobel McLeish Mary Kilmahog
?James Murray/Margaret McKich Dougal Bridge of Turk
?William Buchanan/Christian Buchanan Archibald Ballimenoch
Donald/Mary Buchanan Alexander Kilmahog
John Drummond/Anne Wood John Culintogle
Donald McAlpan/Jean Grahame Hugh Bridge of Turk
William Stirling/Agnes Millar William Culntoguil

Alexander/Mary McDonald Alexander Kilmahog
James/Margaret McKinlay Duncan Kirkton
Alexander Murray/Elizabeth Drummond Henrietta Ardmachmoine
Duncan Graham/Sarah Murray Donald Ardmachmaoine

Patrick/Isobel McLeish Hugh Kilmahog
James/Jean Campbell James Tombea
Donald/Jean Graham John Bridge of Turk
Gregor/Margaret McAlpin Patrick Coillbea
?Donald Buchanan/Mary Buchanan Margaret Kilmahog

James/Margaret McKinlay Donald Kirkton
Robert/Catherine Deuer John Callander
Patrick/Ann Ferguson or Wright Patrick Belnahand
Donald/Margaret Sarah Bridge of Turk
John Drummond or McGregor/Anna Wood Susanna Cuilintogle
?Robert Drummond/Mary McLaren Patrick Drippan

Gregor/Henney Fisher Alexander Kirktown
Donald/Katherine Wright Ann Breancheil
Donald McAlpan/Jean Grahame Charles Bridge of Turk

Alexander/Ann Campbell Christian Carndow
Donald/Margaret Margaret Bridge of Turk
?George Drummond/Janet McArthur Jean Brebochastle
?Robert Drummond/Mary MacLeran Janet Cash

John/Anne Wood Alexander Culntogil
Grigor/Margaret Christian Culintogil
Hugh/Margaret Dougal f [no detail]
Robert/Catherine Deuer Janet Callander
Duncan/Ann Cameron John Callander
Donald McAlpine/Margaret McAllum James Breanchail

Peter/Mary Wright Alexander Kilmahog
Alexander/Ann Campbell Duncan Carndour
Gregor/Margaret John Cullintogle
Alexander/Mary McDonald Mary Ardnhillary
?Donald Buchanan/Mary Buchanan James Kilmahog

?Robert Drummond/Mary McLeran Issabell Cosh
Robert/Catherine Deuer Duncan Kirktown
Duncan/Ann Cameron John Kirktown
Patrick/Isabell McLeish John Trien?
Donald/Margaret Malcom Bridge of Turk
Hugh/Janet Buchanan Margaret Ballamenock
[?John Murray/Janet McFarlane James Gartchonie]
?Alexander Murray/Betty Drummond Polly Ardnachmuin

John/Margaret Carmichael Elizabeth Callander
John/Christian MacKamas Janet Cullintogle
Gregor/Margaret Robert E Tombea
[James Buchanan/Jean McNab Archibald Kilmahog]
[John Buchanan/Ann McAllum Archibald Corrychrombie]
Archibald McHomas/Margaret McFarlane John E Bridge of Turk
Donald/Mary Buchanan John Kilmahog

Hugh/Janet Buchanan Betty Ballenoch
Peter/Mary Wright Elizabeth Kilmahog
Duncan/Janet King Isabell W Tombea
[John Murray/Janet McFarlane Duncan]

Gregor/Margaret Alexander Tombea
John/Margaret Carmichael Catherine Kirktown
James/Isabella Jean Elizabeth (or 1778) Glengyle {Glenguile/Gleanguile]
Alexander/Elizabeth Janet Bridge of Turk
Archibald McHomas/Margaret McFarlane Ann Bridge of Turk
Donald/Mary Buchanan Robert Kilmahog

Alexander/Marian Gregor Callander
Duncan/Katherine Ferguson Beatrix Callander
Alexander/Margaret Scroggie Catharine Bochastle/Tombea f
Gregor/Margaret Catharine Tombea
Duncan/Ann Cameron Donald Kirktown
John/Margaret Carmichael Duncan Callander
Duncan/Janet King John Upper Aney
Peter/Mary Wright John Kilmahog
Patrick/Isabell McLeish Mary Corindeor

Duncan/Katherine Ferguson Alexander Callander
James/Isabella Mary Isabella Glenguile
John/Christian Catharine Portnellan
Duncan/Isabel Frazer Duncan Callander
Alexander/Elisabeth Margaret (Bridge of Turk)
Hugh/Janet Buchanan Ballamenock

Alexander/Marian Malcolm Callander
Alexander/JeanBuchanan Mary + Margaret Callander
Peter/Isabell McLiesh Ann Carndeor
James/Isabella Catherine Donalda Glenguile
Peter/Janet Duncan Offrans
Peter/Mary Wright James Kilmahog
Gregor/Margaret Robert Culintogle /Tombea
Archibald McHomas/Margaret McFarlane Mary Bridge of Turk
[?John Murray/Janet McFarlane Catherine Gartchonzie]

John/Christian [McThomas] Alexander Portnellan
Duncan/Isabell Frazer Barbara Callander
Grigor/Margaret Donald Tombea
Duncan/JanetKing Patrick + Mary Upper Anney
Hugh/Janet Buchanan William Callander (Ballaminock)
Alexander/Elizabeth Ann Bridge of Turk
John/Margaret Carmichael James Callander
Duncan/Catherine Ferguson Mary Callander

Grigor/Grissel Stewart John Ardmacmuin
Duncan/Ann Cameron Duncan Kirktown Callander [check year]
Alexander/Elisabeth Elisabeth Bridge of Turk
Alexander/Jean Buchanan Gregor Callander
James/Isabella John Glenguile
Grigor/Grissel Stewart Janet Ardmacmuin
Archibald McHomas/Margaret McFarlane Alexander Bridge of Turk

Hugh/Catherine child Callander
John/Margaret Carmichael Catherine Callander
John/Mary Duncan Glenguile
Duncan/Catherine Ferguson James Callander
Donald/Joanna Gregor Brig o Turk/Tombea f Sponsor Duncan Buchanan Achleshie (m Margaret 1825)
Alexander/Jean Buchanan James Callander
Grigor/Margaret Janet Tombea
Alexander/Christian Ferguson John Callander
Peter/Mary Wright Peter Kilmahog
Donald/Margaret Henny Callander [John/Margaret Henry Callander]

Gregor/Helen Buchanan Janet Dreppan
James/Isabella Frances Dorothea Glenguile
Malcolm/Mary Stewart Grissel + James Callander
Hugh/Janet Buchanan Hugh Callander
Archibald/Margaret McFarlan Janet Bridge of Turk
Duncan/Isabell Frazer Janet Callander

Alexander/Christian Ferguson Agnes Callander
John/Mary Catherine Glenguile
John/Margaret Carmichael Daniel Callander
John/Mary Fergusson Donald Bridge of Turk
Peter/Christian Buchanan Elizabeth Callander
Alexander/Jean Buchanan Jean Callander
William/Catharine McLaren Janet (Blair) Duncraggan

Donald/Elizabeth Campbell Agnas Comrie/this parish f
Archibald/Margaret McFarlan James Bridge of Turk
Malcolm/Mary Stewart Janet Callander
Robert/Joanna Betty Ardmacmain

John/Mary Mary Breanchuilt [Brenchuil x2?]
John/Margaret Carmichael Clementina Callander
Peter/Christian Buchan Duncan Callander
John/Mary Ferguson James Brig o Turk [?Callander]
Alexander/Jean Buchanan John Call[endar]
Gregor/Cathrine McFarlane Peter [Luis]
Donald McAlpine/Mrs [Katharine] Graham Angus Cult or Callander
Peter/Mary Wright Gregor Callander

?Donald/Janet McNee Duncan Callander
Donald/Margaret Henny
Duncan/Christian McIntyre James Kilmahog
John/Mary McNaughtane Margaret Archenchknockdan
Donald/Christian Buchanan Robert Gartmore
Archibald/Margaret Mclaren Gregor Bridge of Turk
?Gregor/Cathrine McFarlane Janet Luis
?John/Catherine Colquhoun Janet Glengyle f
?John/Mary Peter Banchore [Breanchoil]
?Hugh/Janet Buchanan Alexander Callander
Robert/Joanna Katrine Ardmacmain

Gregor/Jane Gregor Tombea
Peter/Christian Buchanan James Callander
John/Mary Fergusson Janet Bridge of Turk
Malcolm/Mary Stewart Janet + Malcolm Callander
John/Margaret Carmichael Margaret Callander

Donald/Kathrine Mary Glengyle
Duncan/Christian McNaughtane Jean Callander
Peter/ChristianBuchanan Janet Callander
Robert/Margaret Robert Garindroer
Peter McAlpine/Christian Buchanan William Callander

James Esq/Henrieta Gregor Glengyle
Donald/Anne McNee James + John Clark
Donald/Janet McNee John Callander
John/Margaret Carmichael Peter Callander
John McAlpine/Janet Thomson Patrick Brenchoil

James/Janet McAllan William Callander
Peter McAlpine/Christian Buchanan John Callander

Gregor/Janet McLaren Katerine Glengyle (+Blair)
Malcolm/KatherineMcLaren Katerine (+Blair) Duncraggan
Duncan/Christan McIntyre Christian Kilmahog
Peter/Christian Buchanan Elizabeth Callander
John/Margaret Ferguson Malcolm Bridge of Turk
Duncan/Janet Stewart Catharine Callander 1793?
John McAlpine/Katherine Thomson Jannet Breanchoil

Gregor/Mary McIntyre Mary Ardmacmaoin
Duncan/Margaret McFarlane Anne Callander
James/Jannet McFarlane Donald Callander
Hugh/Mary McDonald Jean Garndeor f
John/Margaret Carmichael Jean Callander

John/Mary Fergusson Gregor Brig o Turk
Hugh/Anne McDonald John Callander
Duncan/Jannet Stewart Margaret Callander
Angus/Helen Luke Marion Callander
Peter McAlpine/Christian Buchanan William Callander
Donald/Janet McNee Elisabeth Callander
[John Dochard/Katherine McNicol Duncan Callander]

Peter/Christian Buchanan female child Callander
James/Henrietta John Glengyle

Angus/Helen Luke Mary Callander
Duncan/Jannet Stewart Gregor Callander
John/Jannet Murray Jean Callander

Donald/Janet McNee James Callander
Robert/Mary Ferguson Janet Annay
John/Margaret Carmichael John Callander
William/Katharine McLaren Margaret Callander

John/Katherne Lumsdaine Alexander Callander
Gregor/Mary McIntyre Ann Ardmacmuin
?Robert/Mary Ferguson Duncan Anney
?Alexander/Elizabeth Margaret Bridge of Turk

Dougall/Katherine Cameron Ann Callander
?Duncan/Janet Stewart Henry Callander (family to Canada 1816)
John/Janet Morison James Kilmahog

Malcolm/Jean McFarlane Katherine Dreppin
William/Katherine McLaren Elizabeth Duncraggan
Gregor/Christian McKinley Margaret Ardchallary

Dougal/Katherine Cameron Alexander Callander
Gregor/Mary McFarlane Mary Glengyle

John/Jannet Morrison John Kilmahog

Duncan/Janet Stewart Mary Callander

Dougald/Catherine Cameron Catharine Callander

Duncan/Janet Stewart Janet Callander

Dougald/Catherine Cameron Francis Callander
Duncan/Margaret Fergusson Isabel Corichrombie
John/Jean James Bridge of Turk
Duncan/Helen MacPherson Margaret Callander (Brig o Turk?)

John/Janet Robertson Janet Corichrombie
John/Elizabeth McFarlane Margaret Callander
Duncan/Janet Stewart Marjory Callander

Duncan/Margaret Ferguson John Corichrombie
Dougald/Catharine Cameron Robert Fairful Callander
Duncan/Helen MacPherson Angus Callander

Duncan/Helen MacPherson Anne Callander
Duncan/Janet Stewart Isabel Callander
John/Janet Margaret Callander
John/Elizabeth MacFarlane Mary Callander

Gregor/Catharine McKay Gregor parish Killin/Callander born 1811 bapt 1814 [f?]
Dougald/Catherine Cameron Marion Crawford Callander

John/Elizabeth McFarlan James McFarlan Callander
Duncan/Janet Stewart John Callander

Gregor/Mary McFarlan Robert Portmellon
Dougal/Catherine Cameron Elizabeth Callander

Duncan Helen MacPherson Duncan Callander
Duncan/Janet Stewart James Callander
Alexander/JanetMacDonald Peter Callander

John/Elisabeth MacFarlan Duncan Callander
Duncan/Margaret Ferguson Gregor Gaindeor
Dougal/Catherine Cameron John Callander
Gregor/MaryMacFarlan Polly Wester Portmellon

Duncan/Helen MacPherson John Callander
Duncan/Janet Stewart Peter Callander
Alexander/Janet MacDonald son Callander

Peter/Elisabeth MacFarlan Archibald Callander
Alexander/Janet MacDonald Duncan Callander

John [Esq]/Jane Isabella James Glengyle
Gregor/Mary McFarlan Robert Portmellon

Donald/Janet Stewart John Greenock

John/Jane Isabella John Daniel Glengyle
Donald/Janet Stewart Sarah Greenock

Duncan/Helen Stewart Jean Isabella Bridge of Turk (tailor born c1797)
John/Elisabeth MacFarlan Peter Callander
Duncan/Helen MacPherson Robert Callander

Donald/Janet Stewart Christian(a) Lots

Duncan/Helen MacPherson Donald Callander
John/Elisabeth MacFarlan Elisabeth Callander
John/Jane Isabella Gregor Glengyle
Duncan/Margaret Stewart Peter Callander

Donald/Janet Stewart Peter Lots


John Wright and Isobel Drummond [ ] father John McGregor Milton of Strathgartney sponsor, a son Patrick

Malcolm Buchanan/Janet King [m 1754]

John 1756 Auchlanrick
Margaret 1760 Auchlaich
James 1763 Ballewen
Christian 1765 Ballewen
Archibald 1769 Easter Brackland

Peter McGrouther/Isobell Jaffray Peter Kirktown [and family in subsequent years]