Balquhidder Parish Baptisms

The Balquhidder Parish Baptism records provided here have been collected by Dr. Richard McGregor. Please remember to check the original records in the parishes as the handwriting of the day is hard to interpret and there may be an error here and there.

  • Where there is no surname M(a)cGregor is to be understood.
  • Baptisms are laid out:
    • father/mother child place [day and month were inserted by Dr. McGregor], witnesses [if present], any other comments 
    • f = conceived in ‘fornication’
    • nat = ‘natural’ child, i.e. also born out-of-wedlock [Some ministers liked to rub noses in it and use ‘fornication’ others were more subtle and used ‘natural’ child.]

Note: many early names are McGrigar

Balquhidder Parish Baptisms


?John Murray… male child Easter Invernentie


Donald/… Janet Immeriach
?Donald Roy Buchanan alias McGregor/… Donald Ruskachan


?Duncan Murray… Margaret Inverlochlarig
?Duncan Drummond/… male child Edinample


[chk Drummond]…Buchanan alias McGregor… Janet Loinmoir?
… Buchanan/… John
…Buchanan late McGregor Malcolm Easter Ruskeachan
…Murray/Janet Stewart Isobel Monachillbeg
…Drummond/… Janet


?David? Murray/… Mhor Easter Drumlich
…Drummond alias McGregor/… [ ] Achlashen
…Docharlach/… Janet Dounan of Comry


…McGregor/… Duncan Stronvar Mor
?…Buchanan/… Donald Ardchallery


ban McGregor/… John Monchillmore
?Dugall Murray/… M Innerlochlarigbeg
Gregor Murray/… [ ] Kirkton of Balquhidder
?Dougal Graham/… [ ] Wester Drumlich


McGregor/… Patrick Loinvoir
??Robert Buchanan/ … Alexander Bailephoil


John/ female child
Gregor Beg McGrigor/… child Kirkton of Balquhidder


?John Graham/… [ ] Innerch.arneck
John/… Alexander Drumlich


Dugald Dow/… Cally or Malcolm Innerlochlarigbeg
?Duncan Buchanan/.. Heugo Stronvar Mor


?Malcolm Murray/.. John Drumlich
?Duncan Buchanan/… William Kypp
?Robert Buchanan/… David Ardoch


?John Drummond/… Ann Glenbeich
?John Buchanan/… Mary Innerioch of Strathyre


?Robert Buchanan/Janet Archibald [/]
?Duncan Murray/Mary Murray [/] Innerlochlarigbeg
?Patrick Graham/Elizabeth Stewart Janet [/]


Donald Murray/Janet McLaren Alexander [/] (?Callendar)
?James Buchanan/Janet Donald [/]


?George Drummond/…. Janet


?Donald Campbell smith/… Janet


?John Murray/Katharine Stewart Mhore [/]
?Donald Drummond/Katherine Stewart Duncan [/]?


Grigor/Janet Margrat [/]
?James Murray/Christin Miller Patrick [/]
?John Drummond/Margaret Stewart Helen [/]
Donald McComas/Mary McGregor Robert [/]
?Duncan Buchanan/Janet Buchanan child
?John Buchanan/Janet Fergusone Donald [/]


?Duncan Graham/Elizabeth Stewart child [/]
John/Kathrine McCallum male child Innerlochlarig Wester
?Duncan Buchanan alias McGregor/Margaret Robert Strathyre
?Patrick Buchanan/Christian Fergusson Alexander Rusnacraig
?Donald Buchanan/Margaret Robertson Jean [/]
Patrick Buchanan alias McGregor/Katherine Buchanan Elizabeth Strathyre
?Alexander Drummond/Elizabeth Graham Elizabeth Easter Achtow
Patrick Drummond alias McGregor/… Malcolm Glenbeich
?James Buchanan/Janet Marrian Innercaroch
?John Buchanan/Katherine Murray Jean [/]
?Donald Campbell/Janet Stewart John [?]
Donald Murray alias McGregor/JanetMcIntyre Janet Drumlich
?James Murray/Janet Buchanan Janet
?Dugalld Murray/Mhore Mary [/]
?Duncan Drummond/… John [/]
Patrick Campbell/Anna Menzies Colin Edinchip
John Drummond alias McGregor/Margaret Stewart Patrick Stronvar


?Duncan Buchanan/Janet Buchanan Janet Balliefoyle
?Donald Campbell/Margaret Ferguson Mary Lochearn
?John Drummond/Margaret Stewart Patrick Sronvar


?Robert Buchanan/Glyzerium Drumond Margaret Dallserch
?John Buchanan/Jane Fergusone Robert Easter Ruskachan
?Dugald Murray/More Murray John Innerioch
?Donald Drummond/Janet M Alexander Easter Achtow
?Patrick Drummond/Janet Carmichael Janet Cornlia
?Patrick Stirling/Janet Elspeth Strathyre
?Patrick Campbell/Anna Menzies James Edinchip [1720?]


Donald/Janet McIntyre Kathrine Glenbeich
Malcolm/Sarah Janet [/]
John/Margrat Stewart Margrat Stronvar
?John Murray/Jean Buchanan Robert Kirkton
?Duncan (Buchanan?)/Margaret Gregor Strathyre
John Murray etc/Janet Graham Alexander Ardmackmuine
?Duncan Buchanan/Janet Buchanan John Balliefoyle
?Robert Buchanan/Marjory Campbell Alexander Ardoch
?John Campbell/Mary Fergussone Duncan Ballevullin
?Patrick Campbell/AnnaMenzies Anna Edinchip


Duncan/Margrat McDonald male child Kirkton of Balquhidder
John/Anna Stewart Donald Wester Ionnerlochlarig
Alexander/Mary McFarlane Malcome Easter Innerlochlarg
Duncan/Margaret Malcome Strathyre? [Stronayre]
John/Kathrine Stewart Mary Drumlich
John/Jean Buchanan Patrick Innerlochlarigmore
?Dugald Murray/Sarah Malcolm Innerioch
?Grigor Murray/Kathrine McIntyre Lechken of Achorn?
?Patrick Stirling/Janet John Strathyre
?Patrick Buchanan/Katherine Buchanan Katherine Strathyre
?John Campbell/Mary Fergussone John Kirtown of Edinample


Malcom/Sarah Margaret Wester Drumlich
Duncan Buchanan/… Buchanan Belly Innercharneck
Patrick Drummond late McGregor/… child Easter Achtow
??Malcom McInnas/… Malcolm Wester Drumlich
??James McCallum/… James Glenogle
… McGregor/… Janet Ballovoir [McGregor departed this life April last past – the child’s uncle Alexander McGregor in Braclan? Callendar presented]


Duncan Roy Buchanan late McGregor in Stronvir/[Catherine] did present a child of Patrick his late brother named Patrick
??John Buchanan/…. Duncan Easter Achtow
??Callum Ban McCallum /… John Miller in Balquhidder
John Murray late McGregor/… Robert Innerlochlarigmor
?Dugal Murray/.. Duncan Innerlochlarigmor
?Patrick Drummond late McGregor/Janet Carmichael Duncan Ach[tu?]
Duncan Drummond late McGregor/… Mary Kirkton of Balquhidder
Coll Campbell/Margaret Murray Katrine Innercharnock
Patrick Drummond late McGregor/Janet Carmichael Duncan Achvaich
??James McCallum/… Elizabeth Clashglass in Glenogle
??John McCallum/… Elizabeth Kirkton of Balquhidder
??Donald Campbell/Janet Stewart Malcolm Beallyaran?


John/Anne Steuart Anne Innerlochlarigbeg
Duncan/…MGregor Patrick Stronotrard
Malcolm/Sarah [Mhor] Sarah [Mhor] Drumlich
Grigor Murray [late McGregor??]/…McIntyre [? McGregor] Janet Leckhon
John Drummond late McGregor/Margaret Steuart child [James] Stronvair
?Patrick Stirling/… McGregor Duncan Wester Achra
James Stirling late Gregor McGregor/Janet child Innerchernock
??Patrick Campbell/Ann Menzies Duncan Edinchip
Duncan/Janet Car[michael] Duncan Ruscachan
??Patrick McCallum/Margaret McIntyre Janet Glenogle
??John McCallum/Anna Malcolm Achvorochonty
??Donald Buchanan/Mary Ferguson [ – ] Rushachan
Malcolm Campbell late McGregor/Margaret McDonald Isabell Stromair


??John McCallum/Janet Ferguson John Glenogle
Malcolm/Janet McFarlane child [ no entry apparent, same as next?]
Malcolm/Janet McNee [ – ] Tulloch
late Patrick S[tirling?] Feuar or Dewar?/… McGregor Christan Ray-na-craig
Patrick/Margaret McLarene Elizabeth Easter Achtow
Grigor/Janet Grigor Innerlochlarigmor
Robert Buchanan late McGregor/…Deoir John …uronach
?John Murray/Jean Buchanan Katharine Innerlocharigmor
Malcolm Murray late McGregor/[Sara ?] Christian McIntyre Duncan Easter Achra
Dugall Murray late McGregor/..McGregor Elizabeth Craigruy
Patrick Murray late McGregor/…Steuart John Easter Drumlich
Malcolm/Janet Stewart Anna Craigruy
[Elizabeth McGregor sometyme in {Inver}charnock fathered child on John Ferguson servitor to Robert Roy McGregor in Innerlochlarigbeg]


??Malcolm McCally/Katrine McNie Glenogle [ – ] [Margaret]
??Patricj McCally later servant to Robert Roy McGregor/Janet McAlpin John f
??John McCallum/…McGregor Janet Innervoch Balquhidder
Donald Roy McGregor/Margaret Miller Janet Kyp….
Robert/Janet McKinlay Alexander Ray-na-craig
John/Mohr [Sarah – alternative entry] Anne Sroinair
??Patrick Campbell/… Menzies Sussan Edinchyp
John/Katherine Steuart Anna Drumlich f
Duncan/Kat Grigor Kirktown of Balquhidder
John/Mart Stewart Jean Milncroft of Callanr.
Malcolm/Janet Janet Innerlochlarigmore
Heugo [younger]/Margaret Ferguson John Easter Achtow
Malcolm/Mhor John Wester Drumlich
?Patrick Stirling alias McGregor/Janet Mcg.. Christian Middle Ach[tu]


Grigor/Janet Steuart Katharine Wester Drumlich
Duncan/Mart James Laggan
Callum Dow McGregor/…McNie Janet Craigruy
Duncan Ban/Mart John [no place]
Malcolm/Janet Stewart Mary, Margaret and Katrine [that order] Tomnadrochit
John Buchanan late McGregor/Mohr Christan Innerlochlaigmor
?Alexander Buchanan/Christian Clerk Robert Ruynacraig
?Patrick Murray late McGregor/Janet Steuart Malcolm Easter Drumlich
John McAlpine [sometyme Glenlochay]/Janet McGregor Malcolm [sometyme Innerlochlarigbeg]


Malcolm/Janet Steuart Katharine Ladenoch
Hugh/Margaret Ferguson Duncan Easter Achtow
Callum Roy McGregor/… Buchanan Janet Easter Ruskachan
Duncan/Mart McLaren John Easter Drumlich
[entry 2? Duncan, servitor Glengyle/… McLaren sometyme Letter f]
?Robert Murray/… McLaren Janet of Glencarnock
Alexander Murray/Christian McLaren Robina Inverlochlarigmore?
Patrick Campbell/Ann Menzies Christin Edinchip


Alexander Buchanan/Christian Clerk Francis Laggan
Duncan/Mart child in Beally
Cally Dow/Janet McNie child Kirkton of Balquhidder
Donald/Kat Wright Alexander Innerreach in the Brea/Druininaceardoch f
Duncan/Mart Alexander Stronvar
Donald Ban/Christian Coskerach Anne Easter Achtow
Malcolm Mor McGregor/Mhor McLaren Donald shepherd in Glengyle Brea of Balq.
Grigor/Janet Donald Innerchardoch
Dugal Ban/Mhor Grigor Innerlochlarigmoir
Alexander/Christian McLaren Janet [no place]
?Robert Murray/Christian Campbell Christian Glencarnock
?Patrick Stirling called Cottar/Janet? child [no place]
Donald/Katrin McIntyr Alastir f [Innererioch of ye Braes of Balq./Drum-na-chardoch]
Donald Buchanan/… Ferguson Christin Ruchnacraig
Malcolm/Janet McNie child Kirkton


Alexander/Christian McLaren Duncan [no place]
John/Margaret Steuart Duncan Miln Croft of Callar
Coll/Mart Murray John Kirkton of Balquhidder
Hugh/… Fergussone Alister [Easter Achtow?]
James/Bettrice John Innercharnoch
Patrick Campbell/Janet Ferguson Janet Lect-crittan
Patrick Campbell/Mistress Anna Menzies Patrick Edinchip


Duncan/Margaret William Kirkton of Balquhidder
Duncan/Margaret katrine frinoir? [Scincir?]
Dugald/Janet Alexander Innerlochlarigmore
Duncan/Mart McLaren Katharine Easter Drumlich
Malcolm/Mhor Katharine Easter Drumlich
Dugal/Rachel Coll Kirkton of Balquhidder
Malcolm Roy McGregor/…Buchanan Donald Easter Ruskeachin
Malcolm/Janet Steuart Janet Tulloch
Duncan/…McLaren Robert Craigruy
?Robert Murray/… Cameron Ann of Glencarnoch
John McCombie/Janet Fergussone Janet [no place]


Patrick/Mary Steuart Duncan Easter Drumlich
Alexander/Cirstin McLaren Emilia + Janet Aspblan? [Acspblan?]
Grigor/Janet Janet Innercharnoch
John/Mor Grigor Lochlarigmore
James/Bettrice Patrick Innercharnoch
?Robert Buchanan/Mary Ferguson Robert Ruynacoaig
Hugh Drummond/Mart Ferguson Christian Cuilt
Malcolm McCallum [Calman?] /Katherine McNie Christin Runnoich of Glengyle


Donald Ban Mor McGregor/Christian Coskarach James Easter Achtow
John/… John Easter Achtow
Robert Murray/… John Glencarnock
[John Murray/… Dougal Ardmamuine f not IGI?]
Coll Campbell/Margaret Murray Anna Kirkton of Balquhidder
Malcolm/Mhor McLaren Callum Wester Drumlich
Alexander/… …. Drumlich


Dugal/Rachel Alexander Kitrkton
Patrick/Anne Campbell Katharine Innercharnoch
Donald Collonel/…McGregor John Monachtuarach
Hugh/Janet John Easter Achtow
John/Margaret Stewart John Milncroft of b/fallan
Malcolm McCally/… McNee Donald Romoch


John/Mhor Alexander Achtowmore
Donald/Christian Cosk Donald Ardoch
Donald Ban/Christane Ferguson Duncan Ardoch
Alexander/…McLaren John Glenample
James/Bettrice John Innerchaoneck
Malcolm/Mhor Margaret Wester Drumlich


McGregor/Janet McComas Donald Innervach of Balq, son-in-law of Donald McComas
Hugh/Janet Duncan Easter Auchtow [or 1735]
Donald/Janet James Monachelltuarich
Malcolm/Janet Buchanan Jean Easter Ruskachin
?Donald Buchanan/Mary Fergusone Donald Ruskachin
?Malcolm Murray alias Cally Liach/Janet Buchanan Janet Kirkton of Balquhidder
?Ewen Murray/Kat. Mary Innerlochlarigmor f
Patrick Murray/…McKinlay [-] [-]
Hugh Campbell/Kathrine Mary Inverlochlarigmore
Alexander alias Alexander Ban/… …. Glengyle
John Buchanan alias McGregor/Mhor Alexander Wester Invernenty


Duncan/Janet Janet Innercruch of Balquhidder
Malcolm/Mhor Duncan Wester Drumlich
John Roy/Anne Elizabeth Letterard
Donald Ban More McGregor/Christian Coskaroch Janet Ardoich?
Hugh/Janet Margaret Easter Achtow
Alexander/… McLaren Patrick Achvectry
Hugh/Mary Ferguson Patrick Innervulin
?Donald Murray/Janet Malcolm Monatuarach
Alexander Comrie/… Campbell Duncan Millaid of Lochearnhead
Patrick/… Stewart Janet Easterland
??Duncan Ferguson/Mary Stewart Christan Laggan
?? John Ferguson/Hendrete Buchanan Mary []
?? John Ferguson/Katherine Donald []
??Patrick Ferguson/…Ferguson Donald Wester Achtou


Alexander Comrie/…Campbell Duncan Miland? of Lochearnhead
Duncan/Margaret McLaren Duncan Easter Drumlich?
Patrick/..Steuart Janet Easterland?
Duncan/[Janet McLaren] John Auchtowmore
John/Janet McThomas [McComas] John Ruymoraig
Ranald Drummond/Janet John Kirktoun
?Dugald Mor Mintir/..McIntyre Janet Morachillmore
Callum Doctor alias Malcolm Murray/Janet Buchanan Kirkton Balq. Rannald
–Hugh McGregor in Innerchanach f with Katrin McGregor
–Donald Roy McGregor cook to Arnprior f with Mary McFarlane


Malcolm/Sara Katharine Innercharrioch
Ranald/Janet John Kirkton of Balquhidder
Duncan/Janet Sara [More] Craigruy
Alexander Buchanan McGregor/Catherine Stewart Patrick
?Alexander Murray/Christian McLaren Gregor Inverlochraigmore
?Alexander Drummond/Bettrice Carmichel Colin Edinample
?Donald McComy/Margaret McLang? Duncan Gleasgliand
?Alexander Comry/…Campbell Janet Gartnafuaran


John/Mary male child Kirkton
Patrick/Margaret Cameron Anne late servitor to Mr Murray of Glencarnock/late servitrix f
Donald/Christian Coskaroch Ewen Kirkton
John/…McGregor Janet Raynacraig
John/Anne Malcolm
Ewen/Janet Robert Wester Auchtoo
?John Buchanan/…Steuart Robert Balifoyle


Donald/…McGregor Christian Rynacraig
Donald/Anne Buchanan Dugall (servant to Arnprior)
John/Janet McThomas Janet [James?] Ryncraig
Patrick/Margaret Campbell John Tin[?]reach of the Brae
?Alexander Buchanan/Janet child [/]
?John Buchanan/Mary Elizabeth Ruinacraig
?Duncan Buchanan/Janet Fergusson Malcolm [?]
?John Murray/Mary Dugall Kirkton Of Balquhidder
?Duncan Drummond/Janet McLsaren Janet Auchtoo


?Duncan Buchanan/Janet James Rhinacraig
John Murray McGregor/Mary Alexander?? [cf 1745]
?John Buchanan/Margaret Stewart James Balephuil
?Patrick Campell late of Fodcharie/Anna Campbell Jean Stronslanie
?Alexander Comrie/Jean Campbell Jean ? Gartnafuaran
?Patrick Drummond/Anne Campbell Donald Invercharnoch
Donald Drummond/Christian Coskerach Donald Kirkton
?Alexander Dummond/Anne Campbell James Lochearn
?Alexander Drummond/Marionn Campbell Elizabeth Edinample


Alexander McGregor Stirling/Christian McLaren Donald Inverlochraigmore
?Duncan Buchanan/Janet Fergssone James Wester Ruscachan
?John Buchanan/Ann Buchanan John dallair
?Dougall Murray/Christian McPharlan Janet Ballinluig (Lianach) Glenbuckie
?Alexander Drummond/Marion Campbell Alexander Lochearnhead
?Patrick Drummond/Campbell Issobell Innercharnack
?Alexander Drummond/Anne Campbell Katharine Head of Lochearn
?Robert Buchanan/ ??Stewart [no entry] Rhinacvraig
?Malcolm Buchanan/… Stewart Ann Ruskachan


Patrick Johnson [Murray]McGregor/Margaret Campbell Duncan [ -]
Alexander Buchanan McGregor/Janet Fergussone Janet Rhinnacraig
John Murray McGregor/Mary Alexander head of Lochearn
Donald Drummond McGregor/Chr Coskerach Donald sponsor: John McEwan
? Robert Buchanan/Janet Fergussone John Ruscacahn
?Duncan Murray/Margaret McLaren Moir Wester Drumlich?
?Duncan Drummond/McLaren Christian Cuilt
?Hugh Drummond/…Buchanan John Auchtoomor
?Alexander Buchanan/.. McGregor Jean Innervach


?Donald Murray/…Steuart Janet head of Lochearn
Alexander/…..Campbell child Tighrann bapt by minister of Killin
John Murray McGregor/.. McGregor child wright Lochearnhead
Alexander Grahame McGregor/…McAlpine Coll Edinample
Robert Buchanan McGregor/Katharine Clerk Donald Rhinicraig
John Baan McGregor/Mary McIntyre Jannet Wester Drumlich
?Duncan Murray/Anna Murray McGregor Alpin Lottair of Edinample f
?Callum Murray/Mary Fergussone Grigor Wester Drumlich
?Duncan Drummond/Janet McLaren Hugh Auchtowmore
Ronald Drummond/Janet Grahame Mary Kirkton
?Duncan ban McGregor Drummond/Janet Murray Patrick Wester Drumlich
Alexander McGregor Stirling/Christian McLaren James Innerlochlarigmore
Duncan Grigorach Stirling/Janet McThomas Patrick Rhienicraig
??Donald McCallum/Janet Ferguson Mary Gartnafuaran f
?Malcolm Buchanan/…Stewart Francis Wester Crachin


?Callum Buchanan/Ephie Murray Margaret Stronayre f
?John Buchanan/Mary John Rhinacraig
Donald/Christian child Wester Drumlich
John Drummond McGregor/McLaren James Cuilt
Duncan Murray McGregor/ Margaret McLaren Margaret Easter Innernenty
?Alexander Buchanan/Janet Fergussone Donald Rhinacraig
?Alexander Buchanan/.. Buchanan Patrick Ardchollery
?Grigar Murray/Margaret Drummond Duncan posthumous Innerlochlarigmorer
?Dougal Murray/Christian McPharlan John Tullich
?Duncan Drummond/Katharine Janet Innervullin
?Duncan Campbell/Margaret Stewart Donald Innercharnack
?Malcolm Buchanan/Mary Stewart Donald Easter Ruscachen
?Malcolm Buchanan/Effie Drummond Katherine Kiep
?John Buchanan/,,,Stewart Katharine Ballnuil


Duncan Campbell McGregor/Katharine Fergussone Donald Achra
John Buchanan McGregor/…McGregor Katharine Rhinnicraig
John Murray McGregor/Mary Donald head of Lochearn
Malcolm Buchanan McGregor/Steuart Elspeth Easter Ruscachen
Alexander/… Campbell Janet Tighran
Duncan/Janet John Runacraig
Patrick Murray McGregor/Margaret Campbell Margaret Wester Drumlich
Duncan Stirlin McGregor/Janet McThomas Mary Rhincraig
James Campbell McGregor/Beatrix Robert and Ewan Wester Drumlich
Robert Buchanan/Janet Fergussone Alexander Wester Ruskachan
?Robert Buchanan/..Clerk Patrick Rhinicraig
?Duncan Buchanan/Janet Fergusson Patrick Wester Ruscachan
?John Murray/Mary McIntyre Grigor Wester Drumlich
?Callum Murray/Mary Fergussone Janet Wester Drumlich
?Hugh Dow Drummond/McGregor Duncan Auchtowmore
?Duncan Drummond/Janet McLaren John Auchtowmore
?Patrick Drummond/…Campbell Robert Blarinoch
Alexander McGregor Stirling/Christian McLaren Christian Innerlochlarigmore
?Duncan Campbell/Katherine Mcendrick Patrick Innerlochlarigmore
?Robert Buchan/Janet Ferguson Alexander Wester Ruscachan
?Patrick Campbell late of Ledchary/Ann Campbell Anna Middle Achtow
?James Campbell/Mary Campbell Annabel Stronlany


Robert Campbell McGregor/Janet – late servant woman in Crigan – child Sponsor: Malcolm Murray McGregor
Hugh Drummond McGregor/…McGregor Alexander Achtow
Duncan Buchanan McGregor/..McGregor Katharine Rhincraig
John Drummond McGregor/Janet McLaren Katharine Cuilt
Dougal Murray McGregor/Christian McPharlan Callum Tullich
Alexander Buchanan McGregor/Katharine Buchanan Donald Crigangeb
Callum Buchanan McGregor/McGregor Isobell Kiep
Alexander Buchanan McGregor/Anna Robert Rhinicraig
?Donald Buchanan/… Duncan Ruscachan
?Dugal Buchanan/Margaret Brisbane John Ardoch
?Ronald Drummond/Janet Donald Kirktoun
?Duncan Drummond/Katharine Patrick Criganbeg
?Alexander Campbell/… Colin Tigh-na-bruiaich
?Patrick Campbell/… Janet Auchtowmore
?Malcolm McCallum/.. Mary Wester Inverlochlarigmore
?Duncan Campell /Katherine Ferguson Janet achra


Patrick Buchanan McGregor/Katharin Steuart A1exander Rhinacraig
Duncane Stirlin McGregor/Janet McThomas Christian Rhinacraig
Donald Murray McGregor/Christian Steuart Dugal Crigans
Patrick Roy Buchanan McGregor, soldier /Christian McCallum Dougall [with his father or brother in Kiep Stronayre – grandfather Duncan Roy McGregor Stronayre sponsir/cautioner
Patrick Stirlin McGregor/NcKinnas Grigar ?pamervuline f
John Murray McGregor/Mary McIntyre Robert Wester Drumlich
Callum Murray McGregor/Mary Ferguson John Wester Drumlich
Patrick Buchanan McGregor/Katherine Stewart Alexander Rhinacraig
?Donald Buchanan/Elizabeth [??] Wester Ruscachan
Duncan Buchanan McGregor/Janet Ferguson Jean Easter Ruscachan
James Buchanan McGregor/Isobel Drummond McGregor Ann [??]
John McGregor Buchanan/Mary Alexander Rhinacraig
Robert Campbell McGregor/Janet Fergusson Colin Balfuil f James Fergusone sponsor
?John Buchanan/Margaret Stewart John Bailfuil
John Roy McGregor Buchanan/Mc… Ann
?Archibald Campbell/Mary McPherson Margaret Stronslany


Callum Buchanan McGregor/…McGregor Duncan Kiep
Alexander Buchanan McGregor/McGregor John Rhinicraig
Malcolm Murray McGregor/Mary Fergussone Patrick Wester Drumlich
Duncan Drummond McGregor/Janet Robert Wester Drumlich
Patrick Murray McGregor/..Fergussone Donald Innervair?
Robert McGregor Buchanan/Janet Ferguson Janet Ruscachan
?John Grahame of Glengyle/…Buchanan Alexander baptised at Glengyle Callendar
?Patrik Drummond/Anne Campbell Duncan Wester Drumlich
Colin Drummond/ Alexander + Isabel? [??]
Hugh McGregor Drummond/Elspet Stewart John wester Drumlich


Dougall Murray McGregor/Christian McFarlan Alexander tullich
Duncan Campbell McGregor/Katharine Fergussone Christian Wester Achra
John Murray McGregor/Mary Duncan Head of Lochearn
Robert Buchanan McGregor/Moir Duncan Stronayre
Duncan Drummond McGregor/Katharine Margaret Criganbeg
John Murray McGregor/Mary McIntyre Patrick Easter Drumlich
Robert Buchanan McGregor/Katharine Clerk Robert Rhinicraig
?Hugh Dow Drummond/…McGregor Alexander Auchtowmore
?Patrick Campbell of Ardcharrie/Ann Campbell Mary Middle Achtow
John Roy McGregor Buchanan/.. McGregor [no entry] Easter Ruscachen


Duncan McGregor Drummond/Janet McThomas Anna Runacraig
Callum Buchanan McGregor/…McGregor Katharine Kipp
Patrick Murray McGregor/….Fergussone Katharine Innervach
Robert Buchanan McGregor/Sarah John Stronayre
John Buchanan McGregor/McGregor Mary Rhinicraig
John Roy McGregor Buchanan/..McGregor male child
John Drummond McGregor/McGregor Patrick Cuilt
John Murray McGregor/McGregor Sarah Moir Wester Drumlich
Alexander McGregor Buchanan/Ann Ann [??]
?Malcolm Buchanan/Helen Dorothy [see later??]
?John Buchanan/…Fergussone Donald Laggan
?Donald Buchanan/Janet McIlldhuin Dougall Wester Ruscachan
?Hugh Drummond younger/Margaret McLaren Alexander Achtow f
??Patrick baan Campbell/Margaret Sinclair Patrick Innercharnack


James Buchanan McGregor/Isobell Drummond McGregar Anna Stronayre
Robert Buchanan McGregor/Janet Fergussone Christian Ardoch
John Murray McGregor/Mary Donald Wester Drumlich/Glenfalloch, Killin f  sponsor: Donald McIntyre Brea of Balquidder
Duncan Campbell McGregor/Fergussone Duncan Wester Auchraw
Patrick Buchanan McGregor/.. Blair Duncan Stronayre
Callum Mcleastair McGregor/… Steuart John Easter Ruscachan
John Roy Buchanan McGregor/McGregor Mary Balefuil
John Murray McGregor/Mary McIntyre Mary Glen Drumlich
Duncan/Janet NcThomas Robert Rhinnicraig
Alexander McGregor or Buchanan/Ann Christian Runacraig
?Duncan Roy Buchanan/..Buchanan female child Easter Ruscachan
?Hugh Drummond/McGregor Donald Achtow
?Ronald Drummond/Janet Grahame James Kirkton
?Hugh ban Drmmond/…McIntyre Janet Auchtowmore
?James Campbell/Mary Campbell Duncan Stronslany
John Murray yngr Glencarnock/Jean F child [/]
?Callum Buchanan/.. Donald Easter Kipp
?Donald Buchanan/Janet Mcilldhuin alias McMartine Mary [no entry]
?Patrick Drummond/..Campbell James Innervean
?Patrick Campbell late of Ledcharry/Anne Campbell Katherine Middle Achtow


Dougal Murray McGregor/Christian McPharlan Donald Ballanluig Glenbuckie
John Murray McGregor/McGregor James + John head of Lochearn
Malcolm/Mary Fergusson Christian Drumlich
?Malcom Buchanan/Elrick? Robert Kip
?John Drummond/Christian Drummond Catharine Gartnafuaran
?Duncan Drummond/Katharine Coll Balfuil
?John Drummond/Catherine Drummond Jannet Cuilt
?Hugh Drummond/Elizabeth Stewart Patrick Drumlich
?Duncan Drummond/Jannet Fergusson Sarah Gartnafuaran
Robert McAlpin/… McNab Mary Innerlochlarig
?Robert Buchanan/Sarah Malcolm Stronayre
?John Buchanan/..Ferguson Mary Ballefoil
?Patrick Campbell/Margaret Sinclair Margaret Innernach
–John Murray McGregor and James Roy Buchanan McGregor mentioned


?Hugh Drummond/Mary McLaren John Auchtowmore
?Patrick Drummond/Jannet Magruder John f [no place]
?John Campbell/Margaret McLaren Donald Easter Crigan
?Dugal Buchanan/Margaret Brisbane Alexander Ardoch
?John Docharder/Anna Ferguson James Crigan


?Duncan Drummond/Catharine Alexander + Catharine easter Ruiscachan
?Patrick Drummond/Henrietta McRe Donald Lochearnhead
?John Drummond/Christian Drummond Donald Gartnafuaran
?John Drummond/Catharine Mary Cuilt
James McAlpine/Elisabeth McAlpine Margaret Stronayre
Robert McAlpin/… McNab Joanna Innerlochlarigmore
Dougal Murray/Christian McFarlane ….
deceased Patrick Campbell alias McGregor/… Catherine Innervach


?John Buchanan/… Robert Balfoil
?Patrick Murray alias McGregor/Maran Ferguson Mary Easter Innernenty
?Hugh Dummond/Janet McIntyre Betterage Easter Auchtow
?Ronald Drummond/Janet Drmmond Catharine Kirkton
?Hugh Drummond/Mary McLaren Duncan Easter Achtow
?John Drummond/Margaret McLaren Margaret Lietter
?HughDrummond/Elisabeth Stewart Sara Drumlich
Gregor McAlpin/Mary Forbeson Mary (see Killin 1757) Innerlochlarigbeg
?John Campbell/Margaret McLaren Malcolm Easter C…
?Robert Buchanan/…Ferguson Anna Croft of Ardoch
?Duncan Drummond/Janet Ferguson John Wester Auchtow
?Duncan Drummond/Mary McNie John Dalriach
Malcolm Buchanan alias McGregor/Helen Dorothy Kipp
–John McGregor in Cuilt pays for his brother


Patric/Margaret Ferguson John Blarchmor
Malcolm/Janet Stewart Margaret Rievarachan?
Patrick Grierson/Mary Grierson Robert Innerlochlarigmore
John Drummond/Margaret McLaren Hugh Kirkton
Patrick Drummond/Hendretta King James Lochearnhead
John Drummond/Margaret Campbell Jean Edinample
James McAlpin/…McAlpin Mary Stronayre
Robert McAlpin/..McNab Duncan Innerlochlarigmore
Robert Buchan alias McGregor/Anna Patrick Stronayrd


Patrick Grierson/Mary Grierson Grigor Innerlochlarigmore
Dougall Murray/Christian McFarlane Patrick Ballinluig Glenbuckie
?Duncan Drummond/Catharine McGregor Anna Easter Ruscachan
?John Drummond/McGregor Catharine Ardoch
?John Drummond/Margaret McLaren Duncan Middle Achtow
Hugh Drummond/Elisabeth Stewart Duncan Drumlich
Hugh Drummond/Mary McLaren Hugh Easter Achtow
?Duncan Drummond/Janet Fergusson James Wester Achtow
?John Drummond/Christian Drummond John Gartnafuaran
Ronald Drummond/Janet McGregor Malcom Kirkton
?John Drummond/Catharine McGregor Margaret Letter
?Hugh Drummond/Janet McIntyre Margaret Auchtowmore
Gregor McAlpine/Christian Forbes Sara Innercharnaig
?John Buchanan/Janet Ferguson Catherine Balfuil


John/Mary McIntyre Duncan Innercharnich
Duncan Grierson/Christian Stewart Alexander sometime serving in the Brea f
?Donald Murray/Christian McGregor Catharine Kirkton
James Buchanan alias McGregor/Catharine McGregor Duncan Stronayre
?John Drummond/Margaret Campbell Alexander Edinample
Malcoln Buchanan/Elizabeth McGregor Mary Stronayre
?Duncan Drummond/Margaret McNie Margaret Dalriach


Donald/Christian Donald Kirkton
John/…McGregor Jannet Ardoch
John/Janet John Crigan
Patrick Grierson/Mary Grierson Donald Innerlochlarigvoir
?John Drummond/Margaret McLaren Alexander Kirkton
Hugh Drummond/Mary McLaren Christian Easter Achtow
?John Drummond/Christian Drummond Christian Gartnafuaran
?Duncan Drummond/Janet Ferguson Isabel Wester Achtow
?William Drummond/Janet Ferguson Margaret Ruscachan
?Duncan Drummond/Catharine Drummond Mary Easter Ruscachan
John Buchanan/JanetFerguson Janet [??]
James Buchanan/Janet McIntosh Mary [??]
?Hugh Campbell/Mary Ferguson John Balvoir
–mentions Malcolm McGregor and Malcolm Roy McGregor
–Janet McGregor cites Patrick Drummond son to James D of Ardrostan Comrie
–Hugh son to Alaster McGregor in Roinlitter [Coinletter?] at present servant to Duncan Campbell in Bernglass, child by Margaret McNie servant to Duncan
Stewart in Corrarb, begotten in shieling of Corrarb: named Gregor fa gives bail


Grigor/Christian Forbes Mary Blarioch
James Buchanan/Catharine McGregor Alexander [/]
Donald Buchanan alias McGregor/Christian Robertson Dougall Easter Ruscachan
?James Buchanan/Janet McIntosh Walter Tighness
?Duncan Drummond/Margaret McNie child Dalriach
?John Drummond/Margaret Campbell Betterage + Margaret Wester Achra
?John Drummond/Margaret McLaren Catharine Wester Achtow
?John Drummond/Margaret McLaren Duncan Kirkton
?John Drummond/Catharine McGregor John Leaken of Achra
Hugh Drummond/Jannet McIntyre John Auchtowmore
Hugh Drummond/Mary McLaren Patrick Achtowmore
Janet McGregor with child fathered on Ballanacuil’s son: Sponsors William Grierson Innernenty Duncan Drummond Auchtow


John/Janet Anne Ardoch
James/Catharine Margaret strone
Patrick Grierson/Mary Grierson Mary Drumlich
Donald Drummond/Anna McGregor Patrick Middle Achtow
John Drummond/Christian Drummond Robert [Middle Achtow] Gartnafuaran
Dougal Murray McGregor/Christian McFarlane Donald Ballinluig, Glenbuckie
Robert Buchanan/Jean McNabb Jean Balfoil
?James Buchanan/Janet McIntosh Mary [no place]
?Donald Campbell pensioner/Isabel Drummond Sara f Sponsor: James Campbell Auchleskine
?John Drummond/Margaret McLaren John Middle Achtow
Alexander/Lisie Duncan Stronayre
–Duncan Baan McGregor and Christian McChombis f: fee pd by Wm Moir Grierson
–Hugh Baan McGregor f with McLias in Dunc Stewart’s shieling in Corrarb[cf 1763] [Robert McNie’s daughter]


Alexander/Barbara Duncan Kirton of Balquhidder
Donald/JannetMcIntytre Jannet servant to Ronald Drummond/Kirkton of Balquhidder f
Hugh/Elisabeth Stewart Margaret Drumlich
Patrick/… Mary +Christian pensioner Stronayre
?John Buchanan/Janet Ferguson John Balfoil
Patrick Murray alias McGregor/…Duncan Bulvulin of Edinample
?William Drummond/Janet Ferguson Duncan Rusveachan
?Donald Buchanan/Christian Robertson Anne Easter Ruscachan
?John Drummond/Margaret McLaren Mary Kirkton of Balquhidder
?James Campbell/Margaret Munro Mungo Auchleskine
?Donald Campbell/Catherine Ferguson [??] Dalriach
–William Grierson Easter Breaer paid for McGregor that was guilty parish of Comrie


John/Janet Patrick Ardoch
?Duncan Drummond/Margaret McNie James Gartnafuaran [‘with the priest’?]
?Duncan Drummond/Catharine McGregor John Easter Ruscachan
?Donald Drummond/Anna McGregor Mary Middle Achtow
?Robert Buchanan/Catherine McKinlay Catherine Ardchollerybeg
Gregor McAlpine/Christian Forbes Christian pensioner Kirkton of Balquhidder
Patrick/… Mary herd in Glengyle
–Jean McGregor late woman servant to Ronald Drummond at Kirkton was with child and gave up Donald McGregor [man servant to Ronald Drummond] as father
–Margaret Stewart child by Duncan Drummond Mill of Callar[ee]
–Janet McIntyre gave up Donald McAlpin alias McGregor servant to Ronald Drummond – confessed before fleeing the country


?Robert Buchanan/…McKinlay Robert Ardchollery
?John Drummond/Margaret Campbell Catharine Balchorach of Glenogle
?John Drummond/Christian Drummond James Woodend of Stronslany
William Drummond/Janet Ferguson Janet and John Ruscachan [spouse deceased]
Grigor Drummond/Helen Buchanan Margaret Kirkton
?John Drummond/Margaret McLaren Niell Middle Achtow
?Malcolm Buchanan/MargaretFerguson Anne Wester Ruscachan
Donald Buchanan/Christian Robertson Janet Easter Ruscachan
?Alexander Buchanan/Elizabeth McGregor Margaret Stronayr
Lt John Gregorson/Janet Drummond Christian Stronslany/Callar sponsor: Duncan Stewart
?Patrick Murray/Catherine Stewart Mary Milntown of Edinample
?Donald Campbell pensioner/Catherine Ferguson Patrick Corlarrich
?James Campbell/Margaret Munro Janet Auchleskine
?Hugh Campbell/Catherine Ferguson Janet Acholar
[Patrick McEwan + Isabell McNie (port/this parish)]


Alexander/Barbra James Woodend of Strone
Duncan/Margaret John Inneriach in the Breas
John/… McGregor John [??]
James Roy Buchanan McGregor/Isabel Drummond Margaret Stronslany : adultery – Gregor Drummond her bro in Woodend becomes sponsor
Patrick Murray/Catharine Stewart Catharine + Mary Milntown of Edinample
John Buchanan +Mary Campbell [??]
Hugh Bane Drummond/Janet McIntyre Christian Auchtowmore
Donald Drummond/Anna McGregor Elisabeth Auchtow
John Drummond/CatharineMcGregor Janet Easter Ruskachan
John Drummond/Margaret McLaren Margaret Lochseriden
Duncan Drummond/Margaret McNie Robert Innerewan of Glenbuckie
Robert Buchanan/Jean McNab Christian Balfoil
James Roy Buchanan/Catherine McAlpin Malcolm Crigan sponsor Robert Buchanan Stronyre
Duncan Gregorson /Jean McGregor Jean Gregorson Drumlich
?John Buchanan/Janet Ferguson Janet Wester Ruskachen
Donald Buchanan/Christian Robertson Janet Easter Ruskachan
?Hugh Campbell/Catherine Ferguson Janet As[o]lar


?Finlay Campbell/… Clark Janet Carnlea
Malcolm Buchanan/Margaret Ferguson John Easter Ruskachan
Alexander Buchanan/ Lily McGregor John Stronayre
John/…McGregor John Ardoch
John Drummond/Margaret McLaren Grigor Middle Auchtow
John Drummond/Christian Drummond Hugh Woodend of Stronslany
John Drummond/Margaret Campbell Patrick Crigan of Edinchip
Grigor McAlpin/Christan Forbis Dougal Kirkton of Balquhidder
William Drummond/Elisabeth Ferguson Patrick Wester Ruskachan


Alexander/Barbara Grigor Kirkton of Balquhidder
Patrick/Margaret Janet Kirkton of Balquhidder
Duncan/Janet Mary Innnerlochlarigvoir
Donald Buchanan McGregor/… McFarlane Patrick Ardchollerybeg
Duncan/Sara Robert Inmneriach in the Brea
GrigorDrummond/Helen Buchanan Alexander Kirkton of Balquhidder
Donald Drummond/Anna Catharine Middle Achtow
William Drummond/Elisabeth Ferguson James Ardoch
John Drummond/Margaret McLaren James Lichseridan
Donald Buchanan/Christian Robertson Catherine easter Ruskachan
Robert Buchanan/Isobel McKinlay Catherine [??]
James Buchanan/Jean McNab Janet Tayness of Strathyre
Duncan/Isabel Ferguson Alexander? Kirkton of Balquhidder
–Gregor McAlpin Kirkton ? paid for his sister Sarah’s funeral
— Gregor McAlpin alias McGregor in Balquhidder, Duncan Gregorson in Drumlich his son
–Hugh Monchalbeg accused by Margaret McKinley [Callendar?]


Donald Buchanan McGregor/… Christian Ardchollery
John/Janet Dougal Ardoch
Patrick/Mary William Innerlochlarigmore
Duncan Drummond/Margaret McNie Patrick Innerewan
James Buchanan/Jean McNab Janet [see 1771]


Duncan/Isabel Ferguson Christian Kirkton of Balquhidder
Malcolm Buchanan McGregor/Margaret Ferguson Duncan easter Ruskachan
Duncan/Anna Christie John Monchalmore
Donald/Janet Mary Monachalbeg f Alexander McGregor – sponsor
Donald Buchanan/Christian Robertson Donald Easter Ruskachan
Donald Drummond/Anna McGregor Grigor(d inf) Middle Auchtow
Grigor Drummond/Helen Buchanan James [Janet] Kirkton
Duncan Buchanan/Catherine Ferguson Janet Ruskachan
Grigor McAlpine/Katharine McLean Donald Kirkton of Balquhidder
John campbell/Betterage Stewart James Cuilt
John Campbell/Isabel Ferguson Archibald Cufarn of Gartnafuaran
Robert Buchanan/Isabel McKinley Catherine Ardchollerybeg
Duncan Drummond/Margaret Mconie Patrick [Janes Eiver?]


Alexander[painter in Glasgow]/Janet Alexander Runacraig
Duncan/Janet Anna Innerlochlarigvoir
Patrick/Margaret Anna Kirktown
Duncan/Janet McNaughtan Effy Stronayre
Donald/Janet Hugh Monachalbeg
Alexander/… Mary Drumlich
John/Mary McDonald Mary Runacraig?
James Drummond/Catherine Campbell Anna Stronslanie
John Drummond/Margaret [Mary] Campbell Duncan Gartnafuaran
William Drummond/Elisabeth Ferguson Grigor Criganmore
John Drummond/Margaret McLaren Grigor Auchtow
Duncan Drummond/Margaret McNie Jean Curlarn of Garta?
John Drummond/Margaret McLaren William Lichserdan
Duncan Drummond woodend Sronslanie f with Janet McIntyre Catherine f Bramchoil of Stragartnay Duncan Ferguson – sponsor


Donald/Janet Katharine Monachalbeg
Duncan/Sara Christian Inneriach
Duncan/Anna Christie Donald Monachalmore in the Breas
Donald/Janet Ferguson Duncan Runaccraig
Robert/Margaret McLaren Hugh Easter Auchtoo
Grigor/Helen Buchanan James Ardoch
Duncan/Catharine Margaret Innerlochlarigmore
Robert/Christian Ferguson Patrick Auchtoomore
John/Janet Robert Ardoch
Grigor McAlpine/Katharine McLean Grigor Gartnafuaran


Archibald Buchanan/Janet Stewart Duncan Balfuil
John/…McDonald Anna Ruinacraig
Donald/Janet Ferguson Catharine Runacraig
Duncan/Janet Catharine Innerlochlarigmore
John/Margaret McLaren Christian Lichseridan
Donald/Christian Robertson Colin + Grigor [twins] Ruskachan
Duncan/Janet McNaughtan Grigor Stronayre
John/Jean Gregor Kipp
Donald/..McFarlane Hugh Ardcholley
Donald/Anna Isabell Midle Achtow
Duncan/Isobel Ferguson Jannet Dalriach
Alexander/Barbara Malcolm Kirktown,Balquidder
Alexander/Effy McVean Mary Drumlich
Alexander/Jean Ronald Kirkton
John Buchanan/ Janet Ferguson Chrisitian Ruskachan
— Robert in Runacraig f with Anna Clerk [pd his dues]


Robert/Anna Clerk Anna Runacraig/Tombea f
Robert/Christian Ferguson Catharine Lochearnhead
Duncan/Jean Grigor Monachalmore
Robert/Margaret McLaren Janet Achtowmore
Alexander/Jean John Kirktown of Balquhidder
Duncan/Catharine John Innerlochlarigmore
John/Jannet John Airdock?
John/Margaret Campbell John Gartnafuaran
Grigor/Helen Buchanan Mary Stronslanie
Duncan/Anna Christie Patrick Monachalamore
Duncan Buchanan/Catharine Ferguson Patrick Western Ruskachan
dec John/Margaret Campbell John Gartnafuaran


Donald/Janet [Ferguson] Alexander Monachyle [Monachalbeg] Runacraig
William/Elizabeth Ferguson Donald Ruskachan
James/Catharine Campbell Duncan Ruskachan
Duncan/Anna Grahame Helen in Woodend of Stronslany
Donald [Drummond]/Anna Hugh Middle Auchtubh [?Auchtarshan]
Duncan/Anna Christie Hugh Monchalmore
Donald/Christian Robertson Jean Easter Ruskachan
Duncan/Janet McNaughtan MalcolmStronayre
Alexander/Barbara Margaret Culfarn? at Gartnafuaran
John/Mary McDonald Patrick Runacraig
Duncan Buchanan/Catharine Ferguson Dougal Ruskachan
Archibald Buchanan/Janet Stewart John
–Duncan woodend Stronslanie paid for clandestine marriage


Duncan/Isobel Ferguson Alexander Balehnoick
Duncan/Jean Duncan Blarchnoch
Robert/Christian Ferguson Hugh Lochearnhead
Donald/Janet Janet Monchalbeg
John/Janet Janet Ardoch
John/Mary Fisher Janet Auchtoumore
Donald/Christian Robertson Margaret Ruska[chan]
Robert/Margaret McLaren Mary Auchlone?
Robert/Janet McFarlane Patrick Runacraig
Donald/…McFarlane Robert Amdcholonybeg?


Donald/JanetMcNaughtan Alexander Stronayre of Strathyre
John/Mary McDonald Archibald Runacraig
Duncan/Anna Gilchrist Katharine Monchalmore
Robert/Janet McFarlane Katharine Runacraig
John/Mary Fisher Christian Auchtaramore [Auchtoomore?]
Duncan/Janet Donald Innerlochlarigmore
John/Jean Duncan [Rip] ?Balquhidder [Ba/r]?
Alexander/Effy McVean Isabel Drunlich
Duncan/Anna Gilchrist Janet Monchalmore
Alexander/Jean Mary Kirktown


John/Janet Alexander Ardoch
Donald/… McFarlane Janet Ardcholleny
Duncan/Anna Grahame John Gartnafuaran
Robert/Margaret McLaren John Auchtowmore
Patrick/… McMillan Malcolm ?unclear
Donald/Christian Robertson Margaret Ruskachan
Donald/Janet Margaret Monachalbeg
Alexander/… Stewart Patrick Ruinacraig


Gregor/Helen Buchanan Katharine Ruskachan
Duncan/Anna Graeme Christian Stronshan?
Alexander/Effy McVean Hugh Drumlich
John/Mary Fisher Hugh Easter Auchtowhead?
John/Jean James Runacraig
Duncan/Isobel Ferguson Jean Balnock
Alexander/Jean Janet Rishle?
Donald/Anna John Middle Achlarie
Gregor/Anna McIntyre Malcolm [f] Ruislaga.. [unclear] Patrick McGregor sponsor
(Gregor/Grizel Stewart Janet Ardmacmuine)


Donald/Janet Ferguson Janet Ruinacraig
James/Mary Ferguson Janet Rushachorn
Robert/Janet McFarlane John Ruinacraig
Duncan/Aney Christy Margaret Monchalalmore now in Cuilt
Patrick/Mary McMillan Margaret Blarehrioch
Robert/Margaret McLaren Margaret Auchtowmore
Duncan/Janet Robert Stronayre
John in Stronayre/Katharine McIntyre in Acharn parish Killin Alpen [f] Robert in Stronyre sponsor


Duncan/Janet McNaughtan Katharine Stronayre
Duncan/Janet Alexander [unclear]
Alexander/Katharine Stewart Katharine Ruinacraig
John/Jean Donald + John Crigan
John/Janet Duncan Ardoch
John/Christan McLaren J(male) Ruinacraig
Hugh/Mary Ferguson James [f] Wester Achtou
Patrick/Mary McMillan Mary Blarchoroch?


John/Christian McLaren Katharine Ruinacraig
James/Mary Ferguson Duncan Ruskachan
Robert/Margaret McLaren James Wester Auchtan [tou?]
Donald/Janet McFarlane Janet Arachollerybeg?
John/Mary Fisher Margaret Achtoumore


Coll/Katharine Anna Kitktown
John/Mary Fisher Jean Auchlarmore
Patrick/MaryMcMillan Janet Blairchrich
John/Janet John Ardoch
Alexander/Katherine Stewart Mary Carnlia
Duncan/Isobell Ferguson Mary Balchnock of [Esvichy?]
Duncan/Anna Gilchrist Mary Stronahuie


Duncan/Janet McNaughtan Alexander Stronayre
John at Gartnafuaran/Janet Stewart in Dalleiggein of Glen Turkan? Christian f
John/Christian McLaren Christian Ruinacriag
James/Mary Ferguson Donald Ruinacraig
Robert/Margaret McLaren Elizabeth Auchtowmore?
Robert/Mary Ferguson Isabel Ruinacraig
Donald/Mary Clark John Gartnafuaran
Patrick/Mary McMillan John Blarichrioch
John/Sara Robert Stronayre


Robert/Mary Ferguson child [?] [Runacraig]
Coll/Katherine Alexander Kirktown
Duncan/Isobel Ferguson Duncan Balchnock
Patrick/… McMillan Duncan Blarchrioch
John/Mary McNie Gregor Auchleskine [f]
Robert/Margaret McLaren James [??]
Duncan/Anna Gilchrist Jean Stronstany
–[or 1785] Hugh Monachalmore f with Mary Ferguson
–[or 1785] John Stronayre f [with Katherine McIntyre??]
–John Roy Auchtowmore f with Mary McNie
–Christian Morgan f with Gregor McGregor


Duncan/Janet McNaughtan Coll Stronhire
Donald/Mary Clerk Donald gartnafuaran
John/Cirsty McLaren Donald Rinchraig
Duncan/Janet Duncan Triorloch?
James/Mary Stewart Isbal Kirktown
Alexander/Kathrine Stewart James Runacraig
Hugh/Mary Ferguson Janet f? Achtu
John/Mary Moreson Janet Auchtoumore?
John/Anna Malcom Gartnafuaran
John/Sara Margaret Stronshire
John/Mary Fisher Patrick Auchtumore
–Alexander confirmed father of child by Margaret McGregor in parish Stronmalanach Row
–John Gartnafuaran now working Dykes on estate of Mr Ferguson of Raits f Janet Stewart late Kirktown [Dallaggan of Glenbuckie]


Duncan [son to late Patrick in Milntown at Edinample/Ann Ferguson Glenbeich
Alexander + William f – twins
Robert/Mary Ferguson Alexander Runnacraig
James/Mary Ferguson Cathrine Ruscachar
Duncan/Janet McIntyre Christian Kirktown
Dugall/Janet McKay Duncan Woodend
Alexander/Janet Elisabeth Stronastan
John/Mary McNaughtan Gregor Murlagan
Peter/Mary McMillan Gregor South Drumlich
Hugh/Cathrine Malcom Gartnafuaran?
John/Elisabeth McEwen Margaret Middle Achtoo
Coll/Cathrine Robert Kirktown


Robert/Joanna Duncan Stroan
John Junior /Mary Morison Christian Easter Achtoo
James/Janet McCallum Gregor smith in Kirktown
James/Sarah Gregor [?]
John/Janet Hugh Auchtoomore
James/Mary Stewart Patrick Kirktown
John son of Duncan McGregor in Cuilt father/Catherine [delated] [Moss of Blair] Christian f


John/Sarah child Stronire
Alexander/Cathrine Stewart Alexander + Robert [?] Runnacraig
John/Jean Alexander Easter Achtu
James [son of Alexander Easter Achtu/?Culran]/Sarah [d/o Gregor Gartnafuaran] Gregor f
Peter/Mary McMillan Christian Drumlich
John/Christian McLaren John Runacraig
John/Janet Patrick Innerviach
–Ann Stewart delated, named John son of Duncan McGregor Cuilt as father


Dougall/Catharine Cameron Helen Tyress
John/Mary Fisher Bettridge Auchtowmore
Coll/Cathrine Cathrine Kirktown
John Roy/Ann Donald Auchtowmore
James/Mary Stewart Ann Stonire
Duncan/Janet McIntyre Gregor Kirkton of Balquhidder
Robert/Mary Ferguson James Runnacraig
James/Mary Ferguson Jean Ruscachan
John/Janet Peter Cuilt
John/Janet Peter Inneriach


John Roy/Ann Alexander Achtumore
John/Kathrine Ferguson Kathrine Culearn of Gartnafuaran
Dougal/Katharine Cameron Donald Tighneas Ardoch of Strathyre [Stronyre?]
John/Christian McLaren Donald []uidh
John/Sarah Sarah Stronyre


Duncan/Kathrine Clerk Katharine Lots of Dalveich
Duncan/Janet McIntyre Christian Kirkton
Patrick [son of Duncan Wester Glentearcan]/Mary Ferguson [Achtowmore] Gregor f
Robert [Innerioch of Strathyre]/Janet Ferguson [Ruschachan] Jean f
John/Janet Jean Cuilt
Grigor/Christian McIntyre Janet Middle Achtow
John/Mary Fisher Mary Achtumore
John/Isabel Marshall Mary Lochearnhead
–John f with Agnes paid fine
–Mary McDonald late maid servant to Gregor McGregor Gartnafuaran cites
Gregor McGregor McGregor late master’s son as father
–Patrick paid fine for f with Janet Ferguson


Alexander/Catharine Stewart male child Ruidhnacraig
Dougal/Catherine Cameron Christian Tayness
Robert/Mary Ferguson Donald Ruidhnacraig
John/Sarah Hugh Stronyre
Duncan/Kathrine Campbell Janet Lochearnhead
Grigor/Isobel Stewart Janet Gartnafuaran
John/Agnes Mary Easter Achtu


John/Mary Fisher Kathrine Liascridan
John/Janet Margaret Cuilt
John/Kathrine Ferguson Marjery Culearn
Alexander/Mary McCallum Patric Kirkton
John/Isobel Marshall Robert Craggan of Edinchip


John Roy/Agnes Dougal Easter Achtu
Duncan/Catharine Campbell Gregor Achna
Gregor/Isabel Stewart Louisa Gartnafuaran
–[date?] Robert paid fine for f
–Gregor paid fine


Alexander/Kathrine Stewart Alexander Kirkton
John/Isabel Marshal Alexander Craggan of Edinchip
Alexander/Mary McCallum Archibald Middle Achtu
Donald/Agnes McFarlane Jean Ruscachan
John/Peggy McKinzie Robert


James/Margaret Ferguson male child Innerioch [both]
John Roy/Agnes Christian Easter Achtu [-]
John/Janet Duncan Cuilt
John/Janet Janet Easter Achtu
John[lately deceased]/Mary Fisher Joanna Lidenscridan


James/Margaret Ferguson Elisabeth Village of Strathyre
Alexander/Mary McCallum Janet Middle Achtu
Alexander/Katherine Stewart John Kirkton
Duncan/Margaret Ferguson Janet Village of Strathyre
John/Peggy McKinzie Janet Soldier in Clan Alpin Fencibles


Duncan/Katherine Campbell Alexander Glenogle
John/Janet Alexander Cuilt
Gregor/Isabel Stewart Dugald Wester Achtu
John/Isabel Marshal Duncan Craggan
John/Janet Hugh Easter Achtu
John Roy/Agnes Jean Easter Achtu
Robert/Girsie Jean Innerioch
Alexander/Kathrine Stewart John Kirkton


Gregor/Christian McKinlay Barbara Ruscachan
John/Isabel Marshal Hugh Craggan
Duncan/Margaret Ferguson Jean Village of Strathyre
James/Margaret Ferguson Janet Innerioch Strathyre
Alexander/MaryMcAllum John Middle Achtu
John/Kathrine Ferguson Malcom Gartnafuaran


John Roy/Anne male child Easter Achtu
John/Janet Anny McLeod Cuilt
Gregor/Isabel Stewart James Wester Achtu [Gregor, father in Auchleskine]
John/Janet John Easter Achtu
Gregor/Mary McFarlane Margaret Drumlich
Duncan/Kathrine McAinsh Moses Glenogle
Alexander/JanetMcAllum Robert Middle Achtu [scored out]


Duncan/Catherine Clarke Catherine [?]
Hugh/Elisabeth McLaren Donald Middle Achtu
James/Margaret Ferguson William Village of Strathyre


Alexander/Mary McAllum Mary Middle Achtu


John/Isabel Marshall Helen Edinchip
John/Agnes Helen Auchleskine
Hugh/Elisabeth McLaren Peter Middle Achtu
John/Janet Robert Middle Achtu


James/Margaret Fergusson Collen Village of Strathyre
James/Christian McTavish Hugh Auchna


Alexander/Mary McCallum Duncan Achtow


Alexander[parish Aberfoyle]/Jean [this parish] Catharine f
John/Ann Robertson Colin [Coll] Cuilt [2 entries]
John/Janet Janet Middle Achtou
Hugh/Elisabeth McLaren John Middle Achtou


Alexander/Mary McCallum Hugh Middle Achtou
Hugh/Elisabeth McLaren Hugh Achtou
Donald/Katherine Fisher James Village of Strathyre


Peter/Ann Guthrie Helen Village of Strathyre
James/Margret Fergusson John Village of Strathyre


John/Ann Robertson Janet Auchtow
John/Janet Margaret Achtu


Hugh/Elisabeth McLaren Duncan Cuilt
Peter/Janet Hugh Auchtoo


James/Margaret Ferguson James Village of Strathyre


Duncan/Catherine McFarlane Duncan Tullich
Hugh/Elisabeth McLaren Mary Cuilt


Gregor/Elisabeth John Stronvar
Duncan/Catharine McFarlane Peter Culearn


John/Janet Duncan Auchleskine
Gregor/Margaret McAlpin Gregor Middle Auchtoo


Gregor/Elisabeth male child Stronvar
Gregor/Margaret MacLauchlan Gregor Glenogle/Kirktown Duncan sponsor f
Donald/Catharine Fisher Janet Village of Strathire
Duncan/Catherine McFarlane Janet Culearn


Gregor/Margaret McAlpin Janet Auchtou


Gregor/Elisabeth Duncan Stronvar
Peter Dochart/Isabella Catharine Lochearnhead


Duncan/Catherine McFarlane male child Culearn late Tulloch


Gregor/Elisabeth Elisabeth Stronvar
Duncan McAlpin/Mary Stewart Jean Kirkton
Peter Dochart/Isabel James Lochearnhead 1825
Duncan/… [no details]


Duncan/Catharine McFarlane Alexander Culean
Peter Dochart/Isabel Peter Lots of Edinchip
Gregor/Elizabeth Peter Stronvar


Gregor/Elizabeth Hugh Stronvar
Peter Dochart/Isabel Janet Craggan of Edinchip


Duncan/ Isabel Ferguson Catherine Tulloch/ late maid servant f


Gregor/Elizabeth Sarah Stronvar


John/Janet James + Margaret twins f Auchlestinkine/Auchtow


Alexander/Jean Campbell Duncan ?(shoemaker Lochearnhead) Auchra
Gregor/Elisabeth Agnis Stronvar
Peter Dochart/Isabel Duncan Craggan of Edinchip


Alexander/Jean Campbell Duncan Auchra
Hugh/Mary Haustin John Village of Strathire


Hugh/Mary Haustin James Village of Strathire
Alexander/Jean Campbell Janet Auchra ?(shoemaker Lochearnhead)


Hugh/Mary Haustin Robert Rusgachan


Duncan/Janet McPherson Alexander Rusgachan


Colin/Margaret McNee Peter Achtow
Alexander/Jean Campbell Isabella Lochearnhead ?(shoemaker Lochearnhead)
Peter/Janet Ferguson Isabella Auchleskie


Robert/Janet Carmichael Mary pa Kilmadock/Auchtoo f
James/Catherine Ferguson Isabella Gartnafuaran
Peter/Janet Ferguson child Auchleskine


Colin/Margt McNee Ann Auchtoo


Alexander/Jean Campbell Peter Lochearnhead ?(shoemaker Lochearnhead)
James/Catherine Ferguson Janet Gartnafuran


Colin/Margaret McNee Christian Auchtoo
James/Catherine Ferguson Catharine Auchtoo
Alexander/Jean Campbell Donald Lochearnhead ? (shoemaker Lochearnhead)


Colin/Margaret McNee Janet Auchtoo


James/Catherine Ferguson Isabella Auchtoo


Colin/Margaret/McNee Joann Auchtoo


James/Isabella (sic) Ferguson Gregor Auchtoo


Colin/Margaret McNee Jean (Auchtoo)
…/Catherine Duncan
Sir John Athole McGregor of McGregor Bart/Lady McGregor
Malcolm bo Edinburgh 1834 bapt St John’s Episcopal
Atholl bo Culdares Castle 1836 bapt Muthill
Emily Louisa bo Birnam Lodge bapt Coupar Angus 1838
Evan bo Fernie Castle bapt Couper Fife 1842
Alpin bo St Andrews bapt there 1846
Mary Elizabeth bo Machany House bapt Muthill (1848)


Duncan/Catherine Carmichael Duncan shepherd Glenlocha
Colin/Margaret McNee Jean Auchtoo
Duncan/Janet Catherine Culearn


Duncan/Janet Janet Baellemeanach of Glenbuckie
Colin/Margt McNie Nancy Auchtoo


Duncan/Mary Elisabeth Cuilean/Dalmellington f