Sept and Family Names

Septs are families that followed another family’s chief. These smaller septs would then comprise, and be part of the chief’s larger clan. A sept might follow another chief if two families were linked through marriage or, if a family lived on the land of a powerful laird, they would follow him whether they were related or not. Bonds of manrent were sometimes used to bind lesser chiefs and his followers to more powerful chiefs.

With a few exceptions, spelling variants are omitted, but are accepted. M’, Mc and Mac are considered interchangeable. Many names were adopted as a result of the Proscription. Some families retained the new names when the Proscription was lifted in 1774 while many others re-adopted their rightful name of MacGregor.

The Society extends a warm welcome to

  • Persons bearing names included in List A and to those with a maternal descent from an eligible person.
  • Persons bearing the names of descent from Lists B and C who can show evidence of descent or a family tradition of MacGregor connection.

Names in List D are properly the domain of other Clan and Family societies, however we would welcome enquiries from persons bearing these names who can show their descent from a MacGregor who adopted the name as an alias.

List A : Accepted MacGregor Names and Septs

Alpin Grewer Macara MacGrowther MacPeter(s)
Fletcher Grierson Macaree MacGruder MacPetrie
Greer/Grier Grigg MacChoiter Macilduy Magruder
Gregg Grigor MacConachie MacLeister Malloch
Gregor Gruer MacCrowther MacLiver Neish
Gregson King MacEan MacNee Patullo
Gregorson MacAlpin MacEwin MacNie Peter(s)
Gregory MacAdam MacGregor MacNeice Petrie
Greig Macaldowie MacGrigor MacNeish

List B : Documented Aliases of MacGregor from the Proscription

Bain Bowie Dunn Lockie White
Beachley Coleman Lakie Mor Whyte
Black Comrie Landless Roy Willox
Bowers Dochart Leckie Skinner

List C : Traditional Aliases with little documented evidence

Argyl Crowther Guiness MacGrew Shankland
Arrowsmith Denison Kirkwood Macnocaird Stringer
Begland Docherty Leishman Macnucator Tainsh
Bowmaker Dorward MacAndrew Nelson Telfer
Brewer Dowie MacAngus Neilson Telford
Caird Fisher MacCanish Nucator Tossach
Callander Gair MacGeach Orr Walker
Clark Goodsir Macgehee Paterson Weliver
Craigdallie Grayson Macghee Peat
Crerar Gudger MacGill Peterson

List D : Other Clan names that are known to have been used by the MacGregors

Balfour Ferguson Livingston MacInnes Murray
Buchannan Gordon MacAlastair MacNeil Ramsay
Campbell Graham MacDonald MacLaren Robertson
Cunningham Grant MacDougal MacNicol Sinclair
Douglas Hay MacEwan MacPherson Stewart
Drummond Johnson MacFarlane MacWilliams Stirling
Erskine Johnston MacIan Menzies Wilson