Meet Our Chief: Sir Malcolm MacGregor of MacGregor

The Chieftain of the Children of the Mist

Sir Malcolm MacGregorSir Malcolm MacGregor of MacGregor is the 24th chief of Clan Gregor and is known as the Chieftain of the Children of the Mist. He has been Convenor of the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs since 2011 and is the Hereditary Patron of the Clan Gregor Society which has been in existence since 1822.

Born in 1959, he spent most of his early life traveling the world with his parents. He graduated from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in 1980. He was commissioned into the Scots Guards where he spent time in Northern Ireland. He also served as operations officer and in command of troops for four years in the 48th Gurkha Brigade and the 6th Gurkha Rifles in Hong Kong and Nepal. Sir Malcolm’s final post was as the Chief of Staff of the 51st Highland Brigade in Perth.

A Photographer and Humanitarian

Today, Sir Malcolm is a prominent landscape photographer. He spent time in the Sultanate of Oman on various projects and commissions. He is the author of two photography books on the islands off the west coast of Scotland and is a features writer and photographer for Scots Heritage Magazine. He is a Fellow of both the Royal Photographic Society and the Royal Geographical Society in London.

Sir Malcolm works with the humanitarian mine-clearing agency, the HALO Trust based in Dumfriesshire; traveling to war torn countries in Africa and Asia. The trust is a registered British charity and an American non-profit organization which removes debris (land mines) left behind by war. He has also undertaken an assignment for the UK military in Afghanistan.

Sir Malcolm and Lady Fiona MacGregor

Meet Lady MacGregor of MacGregor

Sir Malcolm is married to Fiona Armstrong, the 19th Lord Lieutenant of Dumfriesshire. She worked as a presenter and reporter for both ITN and BBC News. She currently presents on ITV Border Television’s Border Life.

As one of the UK’s best known female anglers, she is the author of two fishing books. She also made fishing films for Sky TV’s ‘Tight Lines’ programme and her 2007 series, River Journeys, was shown on the Discovery Channel.

Lady MacGregor is also a columnist for magazines and newspapers, including the Scottish Field magazine, The Courier newspaper, and the American-based Scottish Banner newspaper.