Family Tree“What if I can’t find where my ancestor came from? What should I do?”

Due to the forced name changes during the Proscription, more MacGregors face a problem tracing their genealogy than many other clans. Take heart – there are a few things you CAN do. Just one of the following suggestions might offer up something you’d not previously considered.

  • Have you looked at not just your branch of your family, but at the entire family?
  • Have you looked for previously unknown family members? (Do you know about every member of the family you see on census records, for example?)
  • Have you analyzed your family’s neighbors?
  • Have you read the local history of the areas in which your family lived?
  • Have you read regional history of the areas in which your family lived?
  • Have you looked at the geography of where your family lived?
  • Have you considered economics?
  • Have you looked at the migration trails near where your family settled?
  • Have you considered chain migration?
  • Have you looked at boundary changes?
  • Have you traced the person’s life as far as you can?
  • Have you started with the most recent events and moved backwards?

Here are some informative articles and websites that may assist your research.