FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions

We get lots of questions about things related to Clan Gregor, tartans and Scotland. Here are some of the most common. This list will be updated periodically, so please check here first to see if your question has already been answered.

Q. Is there a Gathering this year?

A. Yes, there is a Gathering in July, each year, where we take part in the fabulous Lochearnhead Highland Games. Every 4 years, approximately, we organise a 7 – 10 day International Gathering with tours round Scotland taking in the Lochearnhead Games, as well. These events are just great.

NB. We are holding an International Gathering in July 2018. Please visit the Gatherings page, under the Membership heading above, for more information.

Qa. My ancestor’s surname is XXXXX and it’s on your Sept name list. Does that mean I’m a MacGregor?
Qb. I’ve heard from family members that we’re related to the MacGregors. Does that mean I’m a MacGregor?

A. The answer is “maybe.” It depends on a lot of other factors and as much of your family history as you can supply. We have a number of genealogical experts who frequent our forum and who might be able to help you. Please post all your details and questions there.

Q. Are the four approved Clan Gregor tartans available from or through you?

A. We have some poly-viscose (a polyester/cotton mix) lightweight tartan available in MacGregor of Cardney or Red MacGregor. We do not sell any woollen tartan. Our four tartan patterns are usually available from most kilt makers and weavers. We don’t have a special agreement with any of them.

Q. I live in XXXXXX and I’m interested in becoming a member. Is there a chapter near me?

A. All of our active chapters are listed in the Chapter Directory. Please contact the closest one to your location or our membership convener.


5 comments on “FAQ
  1. William Wallace Wolfe says:

    Hello. I would like to join your society. My mother’s maiden name was MacGregor. I have a birth certificate that shows that; however, I see no instructions pertaining to how to show or where to send proof of lineage.

  2. Jonathan Wentworth Roy says:

    Hello, I’ve been tracing my Scottish ancestors back to Houston and Killelan and got back to 1808. My surname is Roy, and it is mentioned in both your clan, and Clan Donnachaidh as a sept. So I am not sure which clan I might be associated with. Is there a way I can find out !
    Many thanks for any suggestions, I’m not sure where to trace now !

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