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No Surrender

No Surrender

Click the image to go to the video. From Channel 9 Australia, with permission. 2016

“Despite all the years of telling you he’s Charles Wooley, he hasn’t been entirely truthful. That’s because he’s really a MacGregor, a proud member of the infamous warrior clan from the Scottish Highlands. For centuries the MacGregors have been bravely – and it must be said mostly unsuccessfully – fighting to save Scotland from the hands of the English. So when Charles was invited to attend a clan gathering he thought it would be a chance to immerse himself in the romance of his ancestral family tree. What he found though was a much darker and unexpected history.”

STV Scotland : Clan Gregor chief on a role at The Gathering

Filmed by STV. The Chief of Clan Gregor spoke at The 2009 Gathering about what’s to be expected from a modern clan chief.

Highland Clans – Episode 1 – MacGregor (1/3)

(2007) Presenter Paul Murton puts aside popular myths to uncover the true stories behind Highland clan histories. He begins with a look at the MacGregors, who achieved such infamy in the 17th century that at one point having the name became punishable by death.

MINI-BIO: Colonel Douglas Macgregor, U.S. Army (Retired)

An excellent mini-biography narrated by best-selling technothriller author Victor O’Reilly. More info: