The Clan Gregor Society Prize

Attention all University of Glasgow students – you may be eligible!

Students at Glasgow UniversityThe Clan Gregor Society has created a prize for the benefit of University of Glasgow students who descend from Clan Gregor. It will also provide free membership in the Clan Gregor Society to a selected number of students each year.

The Society will make an annual gift of £500 to support the award, which commenced in September 2017.


The Clan Gregor Society is one of Scotland’s oldest clan societies. It was formed in 1822 and is a registered charity. It’s objects include

  • educational assistance to young persons being sons and daughters of parents belonging to Clan Gregor, whether members of the Society or not
  • the giving of aid to deserving persons of Clan Gregor, whether members of the Society or not
  • promotion of research into the origins and history of Clan Gregor
  • preservation of buildings and articles associated with Clan Gregor
  • preservation of musical, literary, and artistic traditions of Clan Gregor and of Scotland

The Society has approximately 750 members worldwide. It’s patron is Sir Malcolm MacGregor, chief of the clan. His wife, Lady MacGregor, is the broadcaster Fiona Armstrong, Lord Lieutenant of Dumfries. The annual gathering of the Society takes place at the Lochearnhead Highland Games each July and every 4 years, approximately, the Society holds an International Gathering where members from abroad attend the games, tour Scotland, and visit historic MacGregor-related sites. The next International Gathering is this year, from 15 – 22 July 2018.

The Society sponsors a genealogy and a DNA project, a piping competition, the preservation of historic MacGregor grave stones at Dalmally, and archaeological digs near Loch Awe and Loch Lomond. Members participate at the digs under the supervision of professional archaeologists based in Glasgow. Clan Gregor also appeared, together with other clans, at the 2017 Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo and there are plans to make this a regular event.

Membership and Benefits

Being part of a clan society provides links of kinship and friendship in whatever countries members may live. It also provides a focal point for people to learn of their past and of their clan’s role in Scotland’s history. It goes without saying that clans and the upkeep of the traditions thereto, are hugely important to Scotland in terms of tourism, industry, and national identity.

Membership brings two newsletters each year, the potential for international liaison, the opportunity to take part in any of the activities mentioned above, and the chance to “do your bit for tourism and for Scotland” while enjoying yourself at the Lochearnhead Games, for example. Photographs of clan events are greatly valued by members abroad and the Society’s newsletters give members the opportunity to provide articles of interest.

Students who join the Society are, therefore, encouraged to send photographs and contribute to the newsletter. Whatever student members do and wherever they go, if it’s of interest to Clan Gregor, the Society would delighted to hear about it.

The Clan Gregor Society looks forward to a long and productive relationship with the University of Glasgow and trusts that the prize will bring lasting benefits to students and members alike.

Summary of Prize

The Prize is to:

  • be known as The Clan Gregor Society Prize
  • be awarded each year to new entrants to the University of Glasgow descending from Clan Gregor
  • be open to both undergraduate and postgraduate entrants who have confirmed their place at the University
  • be awarded on the basis of academic excellence and/or financial need evidenced through a submitted paper of application
  • be funded through an annual gift of £500 from the Clan Gregor Society

The selected recipient will also be granted free membership of the Society for a given period.


All students considered for the award must descend from Clan Gregor. This permits students with the surname or proof of ancestral lineage to Grigor, Gregor, MacGregor, McGrigor and McGregor, to be eligible for the award. All eligible new entrants to the University will be notified of the award and encouraged to apply. The recipient of the award will be selected on the basis of a written application summarising their academic accomplishments and financial needs. The winner will be selected by a panel of University of Glasgow staff. The Prize will be awarded to one student per year. A student cannot re-apply if they have previously received the award. In the event of no suitable candidate being identified in any year, no award will be made and funds for that year will carry over for the award in a future year.

The Prize will be advertised on the University’s scholarships webpages to encourage applications. The terms of the prize will be reviewed on an annual basis.

Requirement for Award Winners

All students awarded The Clan Gregor Society Prize will be asked to submit a short letter of thanks to the Development and Alumni Office for onward transmission to the members of the Society for publication in the Society newsletter.

The Society would like to invite the current award holder to attend the International Gathering at the Lochearnhead Highland Games on 21st July 2018, in order to be presented with a certificate to commemorate their achievement of being selected for the award.