Edinburgh Tattoo 2017 – Press Launch 8th May


In a prelude to this year’s Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, a  press launch was held on 8th May to announce the forthcoming involvement of the clans. Abridged details are given below.

NB. We take part on Monday 21 August. See below for how to join Clan Gregor in this fantastic event. 



March to the Castle

More than 30 clansmen and clanswomen marched to the Great Hall at Edinburgh Castle today (Monday, 8th May) to mark a momentous occasion in Scotland’s history. This is the first time that Scotland’s clans have been welcomed into the Castle since the Highland Clans marched to the City of Edinburgh, to lay siege to the Castle, during the Jacobite uprising in 1745.

The event is being heralded by historians as the latest iconic tale from the colourful history of Scotland’s clans folk and an indication of the strength of the clan involvement which still survives in Scotland, with more than 350 clans in existence.

In September 1745 more than 900 Highland clansmen marched to Edinburgh to lay siege to the Castle. Although they captured the city and Holyrood, they didn’t succeed in capturing the Castle itself, as General Guest, Governor at the time, would not surrender the Castle to Bonnie Prince Charlie and his men.

During the Tattoo’s August extravaganza, the military showcase will champion the theme Splash of Tartan. In each evening’s opening ceremony, selected Clan Chiefs will lead their clan folk on to the Esplanade to the awaiting Tattoo crowd. Everyone across the city is being encouraged to dress up in finest tartan accoutrements.

Sir Malcolm MacGregor, convener of the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs, said: “It is a great honour for 57 clans and chiefs to be taking part in such a prestigious event as The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo this year. For the participating clans, it will be a dream come true to march onto the Esplanade of Edinburgh Castle, a location that has, over the centuries, been central to the clan story. Tartan will be to the fore with the clans kitted out in the ‘Garb of Old Gaul’. The great cloth, that has been worn by the Clans and Scottish Regiments since the Jacobite period of the 1700s, will be on full display and worn with great pride.”

Fiona Hyslop, Minister for Culture and External Affairs, said: 2017 is the Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology in Scotland. The clans are an integral part of our rich heritage and I welcome their involvement in this year’s Tattoo.”

Brigadier David Allfrey, Chief Executive and Producer of The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, said: “Edinburgh Castle has been at the centre of so many extraordinary events over the years and it is tremendous that we will see another story playing out this summer.

Major General Mike Riddell-Webster, Governor of Edinburgh Castle, added: “History relates that a Royal Castle has stood on the Castle Rock since the 12th Century. I am hugely honoured to be Her Majesty’s appointed guardian of this ancient fortress and am delighted to have the opportunity to host the clans in the Great Hall. I believe the Castle has been besieged 23 times in its long history and claims to be ‘the most besieged place in Great Britain and one of the most attacked in the world’.  This time though I hope everything will be peaceful.”


Photographs of The Press Launch will be published shortly courtesy of The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo and Tony Marsh, photographer. Articles and other photographs can be seen in various Newspapers such as the Daily Telegraph and the Scotsman. Scottish Television (STV News) also ran the story at 1pm on 8th May with Sir Malcolm featuring in a televised interview.

We are immensely proud that our chief, Sir Malcolm, 24th Chief of Clan Gregor and Chieftain of the Children of the Mist, has been instrumental in setting up the relationship with the Tattoo.

Clans at Edinburgh Castle     Great Hall at Edinburgh Castle


Join Clan Gregor in this amazing spectacle and have the experience of a lifetime.

NB.  – Special passes are needed to be able to march.

  • Anyone wishing to take part, please contact Clan Gregor Society now at society@clangregor.org
  • Anyone who booked using the “public” Edinburgh Tattoo site and who intends on taking part, please contact us immediately.


Previously Published Details

The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2017 will be unique as clans are participating for the first time. Clan chiefs are, therefore, sending out a rallying call to clansmen and women from all over the world to join them, in their tartan, at the Tattoo in August . The theme of the event, which takes place every year at Edinburgh Castle, will be a ‘Splash of Tartan’ and performances will have a strong clan content. Fifty members of each clan are invited to march in to the Tattoo with their Clan Chief, on a specified night, but you must be in tartan to march.

Clan Gregor takes part on Monday 21st August 2017 together with the Hannays and the Buchanans. Space is strictly limited to fifty members from each clan so, if you want to be one of the fifty MacGregors involved, please contact Clan Gregor Society and provide your details . Once the march is over, you then go to your allocated seats to watch the rest of the performance.

The Tattoo will run from 4th-26th August 2017. Twenty four performances with over 1,200 performers will take place on the Esplanade of Edinburgh Castle, the iconic home of the world’s best known military spectacle. Performances are Monday to Friday at 9pm and on Saturdays at 7.30pm and 10.30pm, with standard ticket prices ranging from £25 to £74.

Full details of the 2017 The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo can be found at www.edintattoo.co.uk where tickets can be purchased online or by telephone on +44 (0)131 225 1188.

NB. We could, in theory, have more than fifty MacGregors wishing to march but, as mentioned above, only fifty will be allowed into the actual arena. We suggest you do not delay as The Tattoo is a hugely popular spectacle. It also takes place during the Edinburgh Festival when the city is full to the brim with people and other great events.

This is an exciting first for the clans and for Clan Gregor in particular. Let’s put on a great show for the sake of our members worldwide and for the 6000 plus spectators on August the 21st. It’ll be a fantastic experience.


The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo has been taking place since 1950. It is run for charitable causes and is broadcast on BBC television each year. The Tattoo attracts over 200,000 spectators annually, with a further 100 million watching the televised showings in 30 different countries. It comprises military bands from British, Commonwealth and International armed forces, massed Pipes and Drums and spectacular performers from all over the world. – If you are coming from abroad, it is a definite highlight of your visit to Scotland.

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